Impact of the Gaza war on Israel

Norman Finkelstein on Al Jazeera’s Riz Khan Show.

Has there been a shift in Israel’s ties with its allies since the Gaza war and how will that affect the peace process with the Palestinians? Is international support for Israel dwindling since the Gaza war and is it losing the battle for global public opinion?

3 thoughts on “Impact of the Gaza war on Israel”

  1. Very clear analysis and important viewing. Its largely on the ball UNTIL the 18 minute mark, showing he still can’t bring himself to admit the role of the Lobby in bringing about the invasion of Iraq …

    1. Yes, Chrysalis is correct. Cheney and Rumsfeld have been deeply engaged with JINSA and the Israel lobby throughout their political careers. If they do serve any US interests at all it might be the military industrial complex which itself is heavily associated with Israel.

      If Finkelstein truly believes that the invasion and occupation of Iraq serves US interests he should spell out his assertion in a coherent manner.

  2. His presentation on Gaza is first class. He speaks with unrivalled authority. He shouldn’t be speaking about Iraq. He’s a first rate scholar. He should know better than to weigh in on a subject he hasn’t invested any time studying.

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