The story is getting out despite massive Israeli propaganda strategy

By Mazin Qumsiyeh

The Israeli lies combined with media blackout on anything but their own version were apparently prepared long in advance of their planned massacre. Claiming they found weapons but all they could show is kitchen knives and construction tools (wrenches, water pipes etc).  All cargo was listed on the ships’ manifesto that the Israeli ‘intelligence’ agencies could easily acquire and were freely available and meticulously documented by the organizers.  The Israeli spin machine also claimed they were first trying to use non-lethal weapons including, and this is no joke, paint ball guns (funny that we did not see evidence of passengers with painted shirts but only blood soaked shirts). The respected media watch group FAIR detailed how some Western media (mis)reported of the attack on the humanitarian aid ships: ‘Reporting Israeli Assault Through Israel’s Eyes: Attack on humanitarian flotilla prompts little media skepticism

Reporters Without Borders urges the Israeli authorities to release a list of the journalists who were arrested during yesterday’s raid on the humanitarian flotilla and to say where they are being held.  There were at least 15 foreign journalists travelling with the flotilla who still cannot be reached directly. These are the names of the journalists known to have been aboard the flotilla:,37630.html

Some Western Media did a balanced job.  Here is Democracy Now with excellent coverage.

And while some western media dutifully reported Israeli government words of being sorry for the deaths and their verbal attack on the ships’ passengers (calling them terrorists or terrorist sympathizers), no media reported on Israeli fascists celebrating the massacre in front of the Turkish embassy in Tel Aviv. And also a video at Ben Gurion University and other universities:

(According to the person who sent this ‘It is important to mention that in principle all political activity on this campus is forbidden, and that leftist activists demonstrating outside of the campus during the war on Gaza last year were arrested. This demonstration was held with collaboration of the University authorities and contrary to these same authorities regulations.”)

Most abducted passengers will be released and deported but four have been brought before ‘judges’ and will be tried by the apartheid state: Lubna Masarwa (Free Gaza Movement board director), Sheikh Raed Salah (leader of the northern branch of the Islamic Movement in Israel/1948 Palestine), Mohammed Zeidan (Director of International Advocacy Program for the Arab Association for Human Rights), and Hamed abu Dabis (human rights advocate from Lebanon).  It is to try to scare others in the future.  But the Rachel Corrie ship is already on its way to Gaza from Ireland in defiance of the Israeli terror tactics and plans for new fleets are already being implemented.  Unfortunately, the US administration took the decision yet again to shield Israel from International law and make a mockery of the UN by refusing to demand a lifting of the siege (contrary to position of all other countries). So much for the change that those who voted for Obama had expected.

3 thoughts on “The story is getting out despite massive Israeli propaganda strategy”

  1. The Israeli/US actions prove beyond a reasonable doubt to the entire world that they are an inseparable team.

    The continued erosion of the US as a principled world power given this team aura will continue to accelerate as a result of Israel’s conduct, unless the US becomes more decisively just in its relations with others.

    The truism of things will get worse before they eventually get better sometimes does not come through. Things can continually to become worser and worser.

  2. Rome fell and so will these nasty arrogant people who live high on the hog courtesy of Uncle Sam’s billions.
    May they rot and burn in Hell.

  3. “Many rabbis and professionals have told me recently that they fear for their jobs should they even begin to articulate their doubts about Israeli policy–much less give explicit support to calls for an end to the occupation.”

    — Rabbi Michael Lerner
    April 28, 2002 in the Los Angeles Times

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