Jeremy Scahill TKOs former NYC mayor Ed Koch on “Morning Joe”

First it was Glenn Greenwald, now it is independent journalist Jeremy Scahill.  Today on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” former New York City mayor Ed Koch tried to defend Israel’s actions for attacking the Mavi Mamara flotilla. Koch uttered complete nonsense and Scahill picked him apart piece by piece a la Greenwald vs. Eliot Spitzer. Here’s the debate they had. Koch couldn’t defend himself, resorted to interrupting, and even used  the ridiculous “Hamas Card” on Scahill. Scahill wasn’t buying it.

Later, Scahill had this to say about their off-the-air discussion (if you could call it that).

During the commercial break during my debate with Koch, the former mayor called me a “terrorist supporter.” I told him, “Say it on the air.” He didn’t.

To read Scahill’s account, click here.

6 thoughts on “Jeremy Scahill TKOs former NYC mayor Ed Koch on “Morning Joe””

  1. This Spiegel (from lord of the rings) look alike uttered so much dross but Scahill was excellent.

  2. Yeah, thanks for promoting this. The “How I’m Doin?” former mayor didn’t do so well. Jeremy obliterated him. Not only is Koch obnoxious, he’s also a clown. But why to these programs show the Israeli propaganda video of the assault when this was broadcast? The same happened with Greenwald and Spitzer.

  3. Ever notice neocon psychos use the same tactics in every debate? First they lay out the hasbara, then they sit back with a big phoney smirk on their faces as if everything they are about to hear is the silliest nonsense every spoken. Then they interrupt the other speaker constantly, usually with short interjections or questions they keep repeating while the other person is speaking, making it hard for their opponent to focus.

    Fact is, Koch dominated this debate in terms of getting his (non) point across. Thinking people won’t be persuaded by his sleazy tactics and cheap talking points, but the authoritarian mouth-breathers out there watching this will always side with the winner, particularly the pro-Israel one they’ve already been programmed to favor.

    1. I think you’re correct Sean. But how does one get around this tactic? That’s one of the things that needs to be discussed.

  4. Ed Koch elsewhere (select quotes below the video link):

    “The President, when he invited the Prime Minister of Israel Netanyahu to the White House, was extremely rude to him, treated him like a Third World tyrant …it was done in a most obnoxious way and I am insulted on behalf of the PM of Israel” (2 min mark)

    “Where are the Jewish Democrats … on this issue? Do you see them getting up everyday and denouncing what the President did? No! … It is incredible that they’re not doing it everyday!” (5:30)

    “And then in order to I think cover their butt … they just send the letter … I read the letter. Its a nothing letter. Nothing! They think that gets them off the hook. And it isn’t even addressed to the President, its sent to Hillary Clinton, whose doing what the President wants her to do.They didn’t have the nerve to send it to the President, which is where it should have been directed. (6 minutes)

    Now I’m not making these things up. The NYT this week said in effect directly, that the President is now engaged in changing the policy of the United States to make it more acceptable to the Arabs.”

    “I remember the march on Washington when MLK spoke to the crowd on the Mall. Why shouldn’t there be a similar march in support of the singe Jewish nation in the whole world? … And the only ally that the United States can count on totally?”

    “And now they’re going to try desperately to blame all the problems between Iran and Iraq and Afghanistan and that Israel is responsible. (7:30)

    “Muslims are killing Muslims by the hundreds of thousands. Everyone knows that”

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