Plight of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon

Palestinian refugees are living in miserable conditions across Lebanon due to many factors such as scarce financial resources. Shunned by many employers, not allowed to own property and facing discrimination, Palestinian refugees are reduced to a miserable existence in overcrowded and unsanitary camps. On Sunday, thousands are expected to march to highlight their plight.

Al Jazeera’s Rula Amin reports from Lebanon.


4 thoughts on “Plight of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon”

  1. So many questions…
    Where is this reportrd in the American press?
    in the European press?
    in the Arab press?
    Where is the international outcry?
    the worldwide condemnation?
    Where are the protests at the Lebanon Embassy?
    Where is the $$ aid from neighboring countries?
    Where is the NATO investigation?
    the human rights commission?
    Where is Hamas?
    Feel free to add your own questions – then try to find the answers.

      1. Like all refugees, they were escaping an intolerable situation at home and hoping to provide a better life for their children. What most people fail to see is that the ‘intolerable situation’ is more the fault of Hamas (and before that, the PLO) and their own fellow Muslims in neighboring Arab countries than it is of Israel.

  2. No, DP Rosenthal, the intolerable situation was created by the racist apartheid state of Israel and no other. Hamas were democratically elected and Israel used their election as a pretext to impose an inhumane siege to “delegitimize” Hamas. And let’s not forget that the refugees, which Lebanon has taken in equivalent to 10% of its entire population, haven’t even primarily come from Hamas-governed Gaza but from the Palestinian West Bank.

    Your rubbish is typical hasbara lies, trying to deflect attention from the perpetrator. “Don’t blame the rapists, blame the passersby who only gave some help and didn’t completely rectify the situation!” How could they? They can only help and have the wherewithall to do so much year after year while Israel ignores international law that would see Palestinians and their children go home after 4 and 6 decades.

    And on the contrary, the region has done a lot, taking in Iraqi and Palestinian refugees, both wars that Israel-firsters were instrumental in launching. The region’s capacity to absorb refugees and to help them is being undermined by the shitty little rogue state called Israel, who remains the perpetrator, no matter what the rest of the region can or cannot do to help the refugees.

    This is Israel’s situation to rectify, as has long been reflected in international law and international consensus. You attempt to blame the victims.

    Your rubbish cuts no ice.

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