US Attack on Iran Air Flight 655

Tomorrow marks the anniversary of Iran Air Flight 655 where the US shot down an Iranian civilian airliner with 290 passengers and crew aboard. Iran Air Flight 655 was brought down over the Strait of Hormuz by a US Navy guided missile USS Vincennes in 1988. RT Correspondent Jihan Hafiz has joins Alyona with the story.

Also see this Press TV broadcast from July 2009.

3 thoughts on “US Attack on Iran Air Flight 655”

  1. whoa. I didnt Know that such an incident happened. Yet, it does not suprise me. And then people have no Idea why any one would want to ram planes into American buildings.

  2. Although Iran Air 655 was shot down in cold blood nevertheless blowing up PanAm 103 didn’t achieve closure for the families of the victims. Families now grieve on both sides–neither Iran nor America were right in that tit-for-tat game.

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