9 thoughts on “The New Anti-Semitism”

  1. I’m not sure what the point of putting this up is? Yes, some Jewish student (with presumably major psychological issues) drew swastikas in her door to get some sort of attention. She clearly needs help. Whatever. But why post this here. Presumably you’re not suggesting that all anti-semitism is self-inflicted so that anti-semitism doesn’t really exist? So why put this up on a political website? What’s the point you’re trying to make?
    You do good work on the issues here, but this post is bizarre and, frankly, deserving of a gutter press.

    1. Now, why would it be “gutter press”? If the outcome of the Jewish hoaxer was to stoke anti-muslim hatred or if key groups were harassed because of this, then why is it merely a “psychological” issue? NB: the FBI and police were involved (and would they have shown up if the graffitti were “merely” anti-muslim?)

      There have been many such incidents, and some of them were motivated by persons trying to stoke up anti-muslim hysteria. If so, then it is well worth tracking such events. (you can find a list here: http://www.corkpsc.org/db.php?tid=691)

      Some Jewish people define their ethos in terms of anti-Semitism, e.g., see Yoav Shamir’s True Stories: Defamation. If there is such a warped sense of identity, then this might well explain the long list of hoaxes.

      1. That’s a hell of a lot of ‘what ifs’! Putting swastikas up is generally considered the work of neo-nazis, and there is no insinuation in that report that this had anything to do with whipping up anti-muslim hysteria. If that is the case, then sure, report it. But this strikes me of the kind of bandwagoning that the tabloids use when they use the actions or words of one person to confirm a whole bigger issue. The implication of putting this report up under that title – ‘The New Anti-Semitism’ – (and of course there is no context given) is that it just just breeds stereotypes. “The New Anti-Semitism”, as the title calls it, is apparently false. I think that’s a dangerous insinuation to make. Hate the Israeli state, sure. But if you want to insinuate that many? most? all? incidents of anti-semitism are made up – that the ‘new anti semitism’ is a self-serving hoax of jewish people – then perhaps actually give some context and analysis.

        Again: this is a great site covering many important issues with normally good context and strongly argued stances. This entry was just lazy.

        1. One of the reasons why the majority of Americans see Palestinians as the victimizers and Israelis as the victims no matter how much the facts say otherwise is because there is a concentrated effort by some Jews to use sympathy stemmed from terrible events like the Holocaust to stifle debate about the reality of anti-semitism today. While it certainly exists, it is by no means enough of a threat to justify ethnically cleansing one country of one race with the goal of bringing about a “Jewish State” which is a racist idea in and of itself. Say this out loud and you are called anti-semite.

          An Israeli born filmmaker by the name of Yoav Shamir has made a film called DEFAMATION that will clear up any confusion about why they would post this clip, if you just take the time to watch it. It’s a brilliant documentary about an Israeli who has been told all his life that the world ‘out there’ is full of anti-semitism and that is why he and other Jews can really only be safe in Israel. So, he sets out on a journey in search anti-semitism and teaches his audience a lot about the way in which the reality of the possible terrible consequences of anti-semitism are misused by certain individuals for selfish reasons. Meanwhile, one of the side effects of this reality is people like this girl.


  2. “This entry was just lazy,” per Marcus

    No, I think the news coverage was lazy. Everyone just wants to get past the idea that everlasting Jewish victim-hood is a facet of the “new anti-semitism.”

  3. The name of the Jewish student is Sarah Marshak… and she withdrew from GWU. This all happened in 2007… so Norman is a bit behind…

    And Marcus, answer a simple question: what is more pervasive today: anti-semitism or anti-muslim hatred? I reckon it is the latter, and it has been stoked by zionists. I reckon that the prime source of hatred deserves to be exposed even if it is done by “psychological” Jewish cases.

    1. Paulo,
      I agree, islamaphobia is far more prevalent. Moreover, I agree that Israeli and Jewish groups have shamefully jumped on the ‘anti-semitism’ wagon to try and circumvent any and all criticism of Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine and military suppression of the rights of Palestinians.

      That said, this posting seemed to mimic the tactics of crappy tabloids, where they drop in one strange and de-contextualised case to try and push a wider stereotype. They have, for example, repeatedly been able to quote (or misquote) Muslims living in England to make them sound like a ‘crazy Western-hating terrorist’ and then imply that – see, all Muslims are like this. My impression was that this article used a similar tactic to take a singularly bizarre example to cast a general aspersion.

      And, Linda, yes, this was lazy journalism. The fact that the case was from 2007 yet put up as if it were current only adds to that. The absolute lack of any contextualisation (there is no suggestion in the press that this was to incite hatred of Muslims) alongside the expansive title of ‘The New Anti-Semitism’ to imply that all anti-semitism is suspect; frankly this is not in keeping with the standards of this website.

      In solidarity,

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