The New Media and the Palestine Question

The Palestine Center hosted a panel entitled The New Media and the Palestine Question. In Part One, Professor Jerome Slater and Adam Horowitz discuss how blogging changes the public discussion. In Part Two (over the fold), MJ Rosenberg and Professor Stephen Walt discuss how blogging affects policy change.

Part One

Part Two

2 thoughts on “The New Media and the Palestine Question”

  1. MJ: 1 hour 9 minute mark. Israel is “split down the middle”? I think not. This vastly overstates the extent of Israeli dissent and its inflation puts it in a good light. And geez, where are the female voices? All panelists, moderators and most audience questioners chosen in the second video are male. The fact that three out of 4 panelists are Jewish is at least mitigated by the fact that its a Palestinian org organizing it. Oh, so it occurred to you 1:13 (73 minutes) Yousef Mounayer to mention the lack of women. There are plenty of great female bloggers out there on this issue. Disappointing.

  2. As seen on this panel, most bloggers, as elsewhere in the media, are zionists…I don’t see that as any change from the existing media, frankly…

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