Venezuela Election: Victory or Setback for Chavez?

The Real News — Gregory Wilpert is a sociologist, freelance journalist, editor of Venezuela Analysis, and author of the recently published book, Changing Venezuela by Taking Power. During this episode of The Real News with Paul Jay Wilpert argues that the Venezuelan election results will make governing more difficult for Hugo Chavez.

3 thoughts on “Venezuela Election: Victory or Setback for Chavez?”

  1. This paul jay really doesn’t care for the present guv in Venezuela very much. I wonder how much Wilpert realised how much he was being manipulated in this report to show Chavez and his people in the worst light?

    Reports like this leave one with knowing less about the subject matter than they knew before seeing the report.

  2. The following analysis by Eva Golinger provides a more detailed description of Venezuela’s recent problems, and their causes:

    Thursday, September 30, 2010
    A Win for US Interference

    The way paul jay conducted the real news interview lead one to believe that Venezuela’s problems are mostly home grown ones. He asked no serious questions about outside agitation. As Ms. Golinger explains, Venezuela’s main problems are created by outside forces using corrupt opposition forces inside Venezuela to sabotage any progress they can made by Chavez’s people.

  3. Gregory Wilpert goes into a lot more detail on the election in this article than he was able to in the real news interview. This should help clear up some of the issues in that interview that were not really given enough coverage:

    A New Opportunity for Venezuela’s Socialists

    By Gregory Wilpert

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