Looting the Holy Land

Since 1967 countless artifacts have been unearthed and removed from the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip. Many are displayed in Israeli museums and private collections, while others are sold to tourists. Al Jazeera searches through the evidence, unearthing the facts and exposing a power struggle in which every stone has meaning.

2 thoughts on “Looting the Holy Land”

  1. I actually wanted to give you a 5 but my hand slipped.

    I had never even thought of the archeological implications, and I thought I understood the ‘conflict’.

    That the zionist state is ‘worried’ about the Palestinians’ ability to care for antiquities properly is one of the most blatantly racist remarks, the arrogance, superiority are astonishing.

    The relics were taken to benefit the zionists at the expense of Palestinian interests. When a thief is apprehended the thief cannot claim the stolen property because he knows how to use it better than the owner.

    It is a ridiculous claim.

    They are stealing the land, the culture and even the Palestinian history w/o fear of reprisal

    So should Ireland worry about the return of Vikings with their solid claim of having conquered & ruled Ireland thirteen hundred years ago?

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