Valley of the Wolves: Palestine

Israel-Turkey relations may survive the Flotilla flap, but lets see if they can survive this. Kurtlar Vadisi is the immensely popular Turkish series which was first turned into a Rambo-style big budget film attacking the US occupation of Iraq (at a time when relations between the US and Turkey were otherwise cordial). In the forthcoming film, the same Turkish team infiltrates Israel (or Palestine, as the film’s hero insists on calling it) to exact revenge for the flotilla murder. Here’s the trailer:

7 thoughts on “Valley of the Wolves: Palestine”

  1. Any press is good press isn’t it?

    LOL LOL LOL when we come to that dark hole to the abyss known as Israel it just does not seem to work that way.

    Gosh, golly, gee, I wonder why.

    Hollywood mocks and manufactures hate Arab propaganda from Disney on up yet one movie based on fact is a threat.

    Another case of we can dish it out but we cannot take it.

  2. This movie is full of bullshit and lies… It servers its makers well in there goals to spread stupidity and lies to the world… no one with eyes in his skull and a functioning brain will ever accepts this movie’s lies and mockery of the truth coming straight from the people who brought you the marmara terrorists…
    turkey can take its film makers and stick them were the sun don’t shine… go to hell and burn.

  3. I find it rather funny that some people are claiming this movie is full of “lies” and yet haven’t seen it yet.

    Ideologically hell bent much? Your skull seems so thick if the truth hit you in the head, it wouldn’t even make a dent.

  4. Sheer joy, about time the truth came out . I was moved by the plight of the Palestinians, suffering such brutality under the harshest and most inhumaine treatment

  5. To the person who calls themselves “I know” I think it’s utter ignorance on your part to call such a work of art “bullshit” . You may disagree with some aspects of it , it doesnt make it as you call it “bullshit” . The very fact of you using such terminology gives a clear indication as to your level of narrow-mindednes . I think human suffering is the same the world over .I just as moved by this films as I did when I watched Shindler’s List . I feel sadended for you for not being able to beyond the dogma which you clearly hold so dear

  6. What we have seen is; Muslim people understood the power of cinema. And frankly they became more and more bold everyday. About the movie Palestine, there are many things to learn for all, about what really happens in Gaza. Polat, the protagonist, is truly funny, however the theme of the movie was.. Tragically true !

  7. I broadly agree with vincent and quiet few others above about this movie.Man … i’ve got to tell a whole lot about this movie which i saw today…one of a kind and truly BULL SHIT.the main character..Polat(should hit his head on a Pole for that role….HA HA HA!!!), enters a restricted security zone manned by IDF and manages to kill 9 of them…WOW…unbelievable really in any time(guys if you watch the movie.,you may see that the real no. of Israelis killed is close to 25-30 in the very first gunfight,yes I’m not lying.Maybe Hezbollah should take some lessons from this 40 something funny fellow called Polat to train their guerrillas)…and he manages to steal a merkava .,kill another i believe 85-95 IDF personnel and rescue prisoners.,Giving monkeys Tavor rifles…,man it seems Turkish directors wanted to exploit the raids to their maximum benefit…!!!!! C’mon 3 stupid junkshit moving around Haifa and Ramat gan without getting even a single hit on themselves and killing Hundreds of soldiers…..Now Rambo’s got a turkish Rival…ANYWAY BULL SHIT!!! SIMPLY BULLSHIT!!

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