Support Assange

The Russian government is encouraging NGO’s to nominate Julian Assange for the Nobel Peace Prize. Meanwhile this letter of support has appeared in the Guardian signed by several of our friends.

We protest at the attacks on WikiLeaks and, in particular, on Julian Assange (Report, 9 December) The leaks have assisted democracy in revealing the real views of our governments over a range of issues which have been kept secret and are now irreversibly in the public domain. All we knew about the mass killing, torture and corruption in Iraq and Afghanistan has been confirmed. The world’s leaders can no longer hide the truth by simply lying to the public. The lies have been exposed. The actions of major corporations such as Amazon, the Swiss banks and the credit card companies in hindering WikiLeaks are shameful, bowing to US government pressure. The US government and its allies, and their friends in the media, have built up a campaign against Assange which now sees him in prison facing extradition on dubious charges, with the presumed eventual aim of ensuring his extradition to the US. We demand his immediate release, the dropping of all charges, and an end to the censorship of WikiLeaks.

John Pilger, Lindsey German Stop the War Coalition, Salma Yaqoob, Craig Murray, Alexei Sayle, Mark Thomas, Caryl Churchill, AL Kennedy, Celia Mitchell, Ben Griffin (former soldier), Terry Jones, Sami Ramadani, Roger Lloyd Pack, David Gentleman, Miriam Margolyes, Andy de la Tour, Katharine Hamnett, Iain Banks

3 thoughts on “Support Assange”

  1. I protest to the acts of the governments involved in trying to kill the right of speach by attacking Wikileaks and its founder. Shame on them!!

    By Eric Gichira

    War, no
    Peace, yes
    When I dream
    I dream of peace…

    Knowing that war is awful
    That it leads to hopelessness;
    Knowing that peace is beautiful
    And it leads to happiness…

    But can I still rise again
    Having helplessly watched;
    Can I still forget the pain
    Of what war has snatched?

    War that pricks like a needle
    War that surely stagnates;
    Yet peace, we all can handle
    For peace truly elevates…

    Peace that’s strong like a tower
    Peace that brings assurance;
    Peace that’s full of power
    Where it’s found in abundance…

    Peace that leads to wellness
    Not war that destroys a nest;
    Peace that leads to greatness
    Not war that takes away rest…

    War, no
    Peace, yes
    When I dream
    I dream of peace.

    Written by
    Eric Gichira
    aka The Poet of Nairobi


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