Jody McIntyre exposes the BBC’s disabilities

This is what passes for journalism on the BBC.  Here is Jody McIntyre, a disabled youth, a wonderful human being, who was assaulted by the police at a student protest. And what does the BBC do? It spends over eight minutes fearlessly interrogating the wheelchair-bound youth with cerebral palsy, prodding him to explain how he invited the attack by ‘provoking’ the police. McIntyre demonstrates that he may be physically impaired, but he is a moral giant. The BBC on the other hand is disabled both morally and ethically.

The disgusting sack of shit conducting the interview is called Ben Brown. Please make sure to register your displeasure: and please share widely, lest anyone still harbour the belief that the BBC is anything but a state propaganda organ.

UPDATE: Reader Squall has this useful suggestion:

Don’t complain to the BBC. They’re already rejecting complaints about this, and they never agree that they’ve failed to be impartial anyway.

Complain to Ofcom. State that the BBC has broken section 5.1 (Due Impartiality and Due Accuracy in News) of the Broadcasting Code.

10 thoughts on “Jody McIntyre exposes the BBC’s disabilities”

  1. “Flagrantly disregarding video evidence of a physically disabled person dragged across the road, Ben instead insinuates that Jody’s claims of revolution on his website combined with his menacing “rolling” towards an “army of police officers armed with weapons” are enough to justify such violence. This logic is ludicrous and unfounded, almost irrelevant, but the thing that pisses me off the most about this video is the constant fucking interrupting, which comes off as contemptuous censoring.”


  2. this was mt complaint sent in
    How rude and insesitive was Ben not once did he ask if Jody was injured, how he felt, was he scared? was he hurt? where was he going when the police drag him off? did the police give a reason why they dragged him off?what did they do with him onced they had dragged him across the road?. instead his interview came accross as if Jody had already been found guilty of provoking the was clear Ben thought Jodie had provoced the police and that was his sole line of questioning! The fact that Ben wrote a blog does not make him a threat just as putting an idiot behind a camera with an auto cue doesnt make him an intervewer/news reader!!

  3. The BBC are completely ignoring any complaints about the interview, claiming that they’re part of an “Internet campaign”.

    This is just another incident that show the systemic corruption governing our lives. This country is going downhill, and fast. Enough is enough, there’s only so much BS you can feed the people before the sleeper awakens.

    I’m refusing to pay my TC licence in protest.

  4. ‘there’s a suggestion that you were rolling towards the police in your wheelchair, is that true?’
    Well complete provocation there, Jody in his armour-plated nuclear ready wheeltank!!!!
    Also it’s very interesting that Ben Brown is only asking ‘closed questions’, this was deliberate and a skillful way to create manipulation of the situation.
    The BBC is not an independent news format, it’s government owned and has always been nonobjective in it’s reporting of news.
    Jody, keep up the good fight, respect and peace

  5. Each time BBC transgresses from its duty to inform and educate the license fee payers, a fine of 50,000 pounds should be transferred by the OFCOM to Channel Four News doing a better job for the money. This is the only way left to breath sense of decency into beeb’s arrogant lot!

  6. Jody McIntyre (sp?) is remarkably articulate and I agree with him. The police dragged him from his wheel chair, is this the New World Order?

    When our freedom to assemble is crushed by force, and our movement is subject to ‘random’ profiling and made difficult or impossible
    and schools are only available to the elites morphs into forbidding the learning of reading & writing
    we are on the road to enslavement.

    My views are frowned on according to msm. “Your newspapers, they just put you on, they never tell you the whole story” and another quote from “What About Me” “And I feel like a stranger, in the land where I was born and I live just like an outlaw, always on the run “from QuickSilver Messenger Service @1969.

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