Palestinian Authority Goons Attack Al Jazeera Offices in Ramallah

Max Blumenthal asks: “How did the US and Israel-funded emergency PA government of Abbas/Abed Rabbo/Erekat respond to Al Jazeera’s release of the Palestine Papers? They released a goon squad to vandalize Al Jazeera’s Ramallah office and apparently to attack the person filming the video, too.”

4 thoughts on “Palestinian Authority Goons Attack Al Jazeera Offices in Ramallah”

  1. For the sake of truth, several points should be clarified here: first, calling the PNA government a “US and Israel emergency government” implies that there is a lack of understanding the reality in Palestine; this reality says that this is the Palestinian people government. Secondly, the Palestinian forces protected Al-Jazeera offices in Ramallah from few angry young Palestinians “whom you called goons”. Despite the adverse way of expressing their feelings, these “goons”, just like most of Palestinians, felt the insult, pain and betrayal of this Qatari channel propaganda that aims at delegitimizing the Palestinian struggle and resistance history.

    1. Shadi thanks for your response.

      My question is, how can you say that this is the ‘Palestinian people government’ when it lost the elections?

  2. Just like israelis and klu klux klan vigilantes. Quislings are low order life forms. Hopefully, this exposure will put an end to it.

  3. Keep the focus on the enemies of justice, do we now include the Palestinian Authority + Abu Mazen?

    I say yes, and I believe the people of Palestine will agree on the basis of these black-hearted revelations.

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