4 thoughts on “Palestinian Authority stonewalled the Goldstone Report; it’s now at war with Al Jazeera”

  1. The fact here is that the diplomacy of the PLO and Palestinian National Authority which represent the Palestinians ambitions in freedom and building their state, managed to pass another pro-Palestinian resolution. That resolution, which adopted the Goldstone report, passed in the council of human rights of the UN as a result of the Palestinian diplomacy efforts.
    It is worth it sometimes to look back and read the history carefully. It’s also vital to study the motivations behind this ongoing Qatari propaganda against the Palestinian people.
    The main actor here is al-Jazeera, but the master and director of this play is the Qatari government; lets not be naive and think of this plot is in favour of the Palestinian people. In fact these series aim at humiliating and de-legitimizing the Palestinian national spirit, yet it failed to do so far.

  2. I don’t know why you think the PA represents the Palestinians. It doesn’t represent the refugees, most of the Palestinian people. We didn’t need the Jazeera leaks to tell us that the PA abandoned the rights of the refugees long ago. It doesn’t represent the Palestinians in Israel, who are horrified by the PA’s willingness to recognise Israel as an apartheid Jewish state. And it doesn’t represent the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza. In democratic elections these people voted for Hamas.

    The collaborators of the PA represent General Dayton, that’s all.

    The PA propaganda that the leaks are all a Jazeera-Qatari plot, perhaps in league with Israel, perhaps in league with Iran, is absurd, ridiculous, and won’t work here. Please don’t insult our intelligence. Jazeera is to be congratulated for doing its investigative job so well. But its leaks have only confirmed what everyone already knew – the PA has become the enemy of the Palestinian people and a facilitator of occupation.

    In Palestine I met very many people, the clear majority of those I spoke too, who were very aware of this. Your ‘blame the messenger’ propaganda does a disservice to them too.

  3. I don’t think the Palestinian National Authority represents the Palestinian people, I know so. As for Palestinian refugees out of Palestine and in the exile they are represented by the PLO who represents the entire Palestinian nation. Talking of elections, right after the assassination of Yasser Arafat, Abbas was elected by the Palestinian people; yes Hamas was later on elected for the parliament and consequently Abbas asked it to form the government. It was the international community, mainly the West who boycotted Hamas, not the PLO. Later on as we all know, Hamas, who is the Palestinian local branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, chose to carry out an Iranian-funded coup against the authority by force killing its own people, similar to what the Israeli occupation forces are doing in Palestine.
    If you have been following news through other channels than the Qatari one, you would’ve seen how the Palestinian people reacted to the political campaign against their national goals; they went down to the streets, not to call for the fall of the PNA, as Al-Jazeera wished, but to show their support to their legitimate leadership. Whoever thinks that the situation ion Palestine is similar to the other Arabic countries, where there is a gap between the ruler and the people, simply doesn’t know anything about Palestine, in Palestine such gap doesn’t exist. And if there are wrong decisions have been made, the PNA then will be accountable, not to the Western puppet regimes, but only to its own people, who chose how and when to do so.
    The Palestinians showed again and again how aware they are of the conspiracies that target their national goals; they experienced similar campaigns and propaganda throughout the history of the Palestine revolution. All these previous conspiracies by the regimes of the region were aiming at controlling their national decision and yet they failed then and failed this week.

  4. The PLO has been emasculated since Oslo. In effect, it has been replaced by the collaborative PA.

    Abbas was elected, after Israel and the US made clear they wouldn’t talk to anyone else and Barghouti was pressured not to stand. His mandate ran out two years ago.

    Indeed the West, Israel, the Arab client regimes and the PA all boycotted Hamas. Jazeera’s leaks have shown how the PA collaborated in this. We know from Seymour Hersh (and it was obvious) that Dahlan’s gangs caused chaos in Gaza until Hamas took over. The ‘Iran-funded’ idea is absurd. Much more factual to refer to the PA as US and EU funded. But the point is that Hamas was the elected government.

    I wouldn’t vote for either Hamas or Fatah. But what is obviously required are new elections, and a revivified PLO so the Palestinians can speak with one democratic voice. And people must have the intelligence and honesty to realise that ‘two states’ was always just a mirage.

    The PA is the greatest conspiracy against Palestinian national goals. Some of its leaders are, I’m sure, good people. But the path they have travelled down is a disaster.

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