Obama 2.0

Marwan Bishara brings another episode of Empire with Ralph Nader, As’ad Abukhalil, Roger Hodge, and Stefan Halper.

Two years after an historic victory that saw the first African-American elected president of the US, Barack Obama has come under pressure. Empire discusses the failures and successes of Barack Obama’s presidency.

One thought on “Obama 2.0”

  1. Mr Obama was a very decent man. Probably one of the most decent men in addition to Jimmy Carter. He mesmerized the world with his talk of hope. He was awarded the Nobel Peace prize before he even embarked, let alone delivered, on any of his initiatives. The man who serves in the White House today is not the same person who ran for President in 2008. Today the Nobel prize should be withdrawn.
    Zafar Khan. http://silentconscience.org

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