One thought on “Democracy in the Arab world?”

  1. Some music to go along with the old and young in civil society fighting against the sclerotic kleptocracies, who are ripe for a shoe in the face :
    (via @avinunu)

    Continuing with the music, this fits in here as well with Marwan Bishara’s last comments :

    (Vietnam, Cambodia, Bagdad, Fallujah, Lebanon, Gaza…)

    Bring out some vague image to the light of day
    And push back the curtains, another victory
    We close our eyes to breathe

    The warm sand from the desert there
    Cut like the flesh around the prize
    The master tethered to it where
    His faithful servant lies

    Thrown like gems, are locking heads, as deaf and dumb
    As tattoos lingering above the canopy
    We watch it from beneath

    The planes give through the severed air
    Necklaces of fire from the sky
    That fall down to our hands laid bare
    To scatter them like grains
    That grow to be so high

    Everything’s pulling to break these chains

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