Saeb Erekat Resigns

Al Jazeera English — Saeb Erekat, the Palestine Liberation Organisation’s chief negotiator, has resigned from his post after an investigation showed his office was the source of a leak.

Al Jazeera published over 1,600 documents, the Palestine Papers, which documented secret negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians.

Erekat had earlier said that he would resign if the source of the leak was found to be in his office, the Negotiations Support Unit.

Al Jazeera’s Will Jordan has more.

4 thoughts on “Saeb Erekat Resigns”

  1. It is time to clean house within the Palestinian family. Abbas, Fiyad and the PA as a whole are illegally negotiating on behalf of the Palestinian. Abbas and his cronies are incompetent to lead the good people of Palestine. It is time to bring competent group of Palestinians.

  2. Abdülhamid refused Theodor Herzl’s offers to pay down a substantial portion of the Ottoman debt in exchange for a charter allowing the Zionists access to Palestine.

  3. Resigning is not enough. If he had the decency he should also come clean and confirm that has been revealed in the leaks. This would be his last chance at redemption with the people who entrusted him and Abbas and Qureia. I guess he will be retiring in Tel Aviv, like Hosni Mubarak.
    Zafar Khan

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