Latest from Libya

Our friend in Tripoli reports:
It was only one day and it has already witnessed the burial service of 30 martyrs in Hawari cemetery in Benghazi. A source from al-Jalaa hospital in Benghazi confirmed that most of the dead people are between the ages of 13 to 36 years old, including 40 to 50 injured people. The number of martyrs and injured people are growing all around the cities of east Libya and hospitals in Benghazi issued urgent calls for all types of blood.

Today I believe things are getting worse, Gaddafi’s regime has cut all means of communication (land lines, cell phones, internet), water, electricity and gas services from Benghazi, Darna, Zentan, and several cities in east Libya, yet Benghazi is winning by keeping its highly increased courageous spirits and the determination to put an end to the 42 years of oppression.

Today some people from different corners of Tripoli (like Fashloom & Joumhouriya Street) are repeatedly trying to go on demonstrations against the regime but they were immediately oppressed by the backbones of Gaddafi’s regime, who are paid and armed to stop by all means any chance of peaceful demonstrations.

Not forget to mention that on the 16th of February, the night before the Day of Rage’ in Libya, the Libyana company, a Libyan mobile phone company owned by Saif El Islam (one of Geddafi‘s sons) circulated messages to people’s cell phones warning them against crossing ” The Four Red Lines”:

1- Moamer Kadhafi

2- territorial integrity


4-internal security.

The message read: “We will confront anyone in any square or avenue of our beloved country”.

Today Tripoli saw much lighter traffic than usual and the security presence on main roads are boosted in every corner and every street of Tripoli, some roads are even blocked; yet at this very right moment I can hear gun shots coming from the center of the city. The Prison of ‘’Jdayda’’ in Tripoli was emptied and the prisoners were transported to ‘’UNKNOWN’’ area. Hours ago, I was informed that Benghazi caught one of the thugs who were sent by one of Muammar Gaddafi’s sons, Khamis. The heroes of Benghazi questioned him: who sent you & where are you from? He replied: “I am from Tripoli and I was sent by Khamis Muammar to kill you!”

I am watching al-Jazeera and every time they start the news about Libya, the broadcast is either cut right away or the image is frozen. I keep receiving messages and calls right now that protesters are active around Tripoli, specifically in Ghot Shaal area and Gurji.

God Bless Libya!

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