Death toll rises in Libyan unrest

In a rambling and incoherent speech Gaddafi’s son Saif el Islam has issued a threat of further violence. As the regime was already inflicting massive casualties, this betrays the first sign of weakness. The protests have finally spread to Tripoli, gaining momentum along the way. The initiative now lies with the protesters. Might we be seeing the end of another moth-eaten dictatorship?

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi is confronting the most serious challenge to his rule in 42 years.

Here is another report from yesterday:

One thought on “Death toll rises in Libyan unrest”

  1. The hour of realization has finally arrived and the game is almost over for Gaddafi, perhaps the biggest and most repugnan farce in modern Arab history. Gaddafi’s “greatest” legacy would be his “miraculous success” to impoverish the inhabitants of Libya which is undoubtedly the richest (in relative terma at least)and potentially most prosperous country in Africa. This is the price people, any people, are “forced” to pay when they allow themseves to be ruled by tyrants and fools. His very presence in Libya was an insult to the dignity, and intelligence, of the people of Libya in particular and to the Arabs in general.


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