Philip Weiss on the Arab Revolt

This is as good as talk radio gets. Our friend, the great Phil Weiss on Radio Open Source with Chris Lydon to discuss the implications of the Arab revolt and the changing discourse in the American Jewish community.

3 thoughts on “Philip Weiss on the Arab Revolt”

  1. Philip Weiss doesn’t just tell it how it is but he gives some ideas about how we can do something about the situation by informing the American public how to think differently about this subject.
    I found this conversation uplifting and hopeful.
    In fact I woudl say it’s the best thing I’ve heard from the US in a long time.
    After watching the Egyptian peaceful revolution I came to some of the same conclusions. It’s the best event in recent history.

  2. The talk was great, but the reason why Truman recognized Israel was not altruistic at all. It was: a suitcase of $2 million cash delivered to him on his campaign train WITH THE PROVISO that he recognize Israel. (I can’t remember the name of the guy who held the suitcase.) It had nothing to do seeing camps and being affected. Everybody was hurting then…and the full knowledge of the Holocaust was not yet known.

    This is a wonderful interview.

  3. This is a fine interview. I like the straight, clear and focused talk of Philip Weiss. Asked about his motives he says:
    “a desire that the 4 or 5 million of palestine get their rights, their basic human rights which they’ve been denied. So the issue of palestinian solidarity is central to the website [Mondo Weiss]. I am drawn to that because I think that is a central moral jewish task to heal my own community and to heal my country, the United States.”
    Very helpful with respect to the publich opinion is his remark that there already has been an enlighted and reasonable US approach to the question of palestine. This position over a long period of time was the one of the State Departements so-called “Arabists”. They precicely predicted the problems to occur if the UN imposes the partition plan onto palestine – as it happened back in nov. 47. Their proposal would had been the better one: to put palestine under a UN trusteeship until a wiser solution had been found.
    Thanks for this interview.

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