Gaddafi’s assassins and rapists

Recently, there have been numerous assassination attempts on leading rebels in their eastern stronghold of Benghazi. Some documents have been found, detailing those set to be killed. And many more so-called ‘Gadaffi lists’ are thought to exist.

Anita McNaught reports on the Libyan woman gang-raped by Gaddafi’s militia.


10 thoughts on “Gaddafi’s assassins and rapists”

  1. Wow! This maniacal madman is actually trying to kill the people trying to kill him. I really think it is time for the US to send in the ground troops.

  2. Pulse is stll taking the side of the insurgents…so lets see who they really are:

    1. NFSL: National Front for the Salvation of Libya) CIA trained assassins
    operate out of the head quarers of free markets:

    2. LIFG (Libyan Islamic Fighting Group( aka johadiosts back from Afghanistan…you know, where they kill the US invaders, who now protect them!)

    3. then we have the human traffickers(lovely folk)

    why doesnt PULSE pos any of these articldes? Cause theyve been sucked in bhy the idea that The ‘rebels’ are good and peaceful demonstrators.

  3. By opening one of these links you will be able to read Cynthia McKinney’s newsletter I found in my Inbox just now, which provides additional information supportive of Brian’s views. I didn’t realize that Cynthia had led two delegations to Libya, and has had a major focus on Libyan affairs for years.;

    1. What is also going on here t42, as you confirm via Cynthia McKinney is that African American have been engaged with Libya for decades. African American groups have received aid from Libya for years. That money was put into the community especially since money to inner cities have been CUT over those same decades.

      In other words the War against Libya is also a proxy war against Black Americans. The pseudo-Left and so-called “Socialists” including the ISO, WSWS, WSM, etc, has been greatly involved in the demonization of Qaddhafi. People of color have taken NOTICED. You are now seeing the same kind of split on the Left that we saw back in 2003 between more diverse group like International Answer who puts crisis in Libya into proper perspectives and predominately White/Jewish Left groups (ISO, WSWS, WSM, etc) who aided and abetted the Imperial propaganda against Libyan society up until the NATO attacks.

      Some African American entertainers like Mariah Carrey and even rapper 50-cent have succumbed to pressure to renounce their performances in Libya probably because an “African American” president is conducting this proxy war or probably because Zionist control so much of the media. But as you cite, Ms. McKinney and other Black leaders understand full well the political implication of this war against Libya and the meaning it has to the Black community.

  4. about those reports of rapes etc said to be carried out by pro-Kadaffi elements: I’m reminded of the reports during the PR campaign for Shock&Awe about the Iraqi troops murdering Kuwaiti infants by disconnecting their incubators.
    Don’t automatically believe everything you read in the papers, or on somebody’s webpage. We call that Being A Sucker.

    1. Yeah, one would have to be a sucker to believe anything staged by Israel lobby stalwart Tom Lantos at a breifing staged by a front group established by Hill & Knowlton. But Tripoli is not the Capitol Hill. You could lose your life for speaking out. A valid comparison would be a woman in Baghdad in 1991 breaking through a phalanx of Hussein’s men to tell gathered press that she was gang-raped, certain that she would be arrested and likely tortured and killed afterwards. Is that what happened with Nayirah? What risks was she taking in speaking out to a friendly gathering in Washington? Do you know that she was the Kuwaiti ambassador’s daughter?

      By speaking to the press in the heart of Gaddafi’s regime Eman al-Obeidi’s fate is already sealed. It was an act of extraordinary courage.

  5. Information war against Libya.
    ????? ????? – Gumer IsaevMarch 27, 2011 – After reading the first few days of Libyan unrest on one popular news portal of the bombing of Tripoli, I was contacted on Skype with her boyfriend, more than a year working in Libya. I was surprised that Skype, and consequently, the Internet, work. The logic is simple – once it came to the “bombing” of the capital, it is hardly worth the wait of the Internet and telephone. But as it became clear from our conversation, no air raids on Tripoli was not …. “Flew a couple of helicopters during the day …” – that’s all the bombing. Interestingly, the first information about the air strikes has published the main Arabic television channel Al-Jazeera. No conclusive video evidence – just distorted noise telephony voice eyewitnesses that the bloodthirsty regime of dispersing demonstrators with aviation… Talk about how many lies and misinformation were poured on the heads of unsuspecting listeners and readers can be endless. Events in Libya showed how monstrous lies, and can be as easy in an age of information technologies to manipulate people’s minds… Read the full article / Leggi l’articolo completo:

  6. As so many people people started visiting a site I host after I posted my objections to the israeli-american-nato war against Libya being promoted on this site, I thought I should help you data mining folks out and post the address. I am sort of curious why so many of israel’s sayanim found this page so interesting:

    100 hits in less than a week at a page that just noted a forum being temporarily closed for reconstruction (the original message, before I noticed that posting on this site brought so much attention to it).

    Post that, Idrees.

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