Battle for Benghazi: the first shots

New footage has emerged from the first moments of the uprising in Libya, showing gunmen – who appear to be Gaddafi loyalists – shooting unarmed protesters dead.

With armed men dragging people from Benghazi’s mosque, others were left to die on the streets.

Al Jazeera’s Sue Turton reports from the city.

2 thoughts on “Battle for Benghazi: the first shots”

  1. Why is Al Jazeera ‘falling for’ this blatantly CIA/MI5 operation? Still no evidence of massacres!!! Looked like crowd control to me in a situation were the populace is armed.
    The only plane flying at the time of NATO intervention was rebel. This has all been staged by ‘black ops’.
    Obviously all ‘neutrals’ must be for Gaddafi. Only real, organic reform can come after he regains control.

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