3 thoughts on “Who are the Libyan revolutionaries? (pt.2)”

  1. The CIA is behind the Rebellion: The Euro-American Attack on Libya has nothing to do with “Protecting Civilians”
    David Cameron’s Gift of War and Racism, to Them and Us

    by John Pilger April 8, 2011

    “The Euro-American attack on Libya has nothing to do with protecting anyone; only the terminally naive believe such nonsense. It is the West’s response to popular uprisings in strategic, resource-rich regions of the world and the beginning of a war of attrition against the new imperial rival, China.

    President Barack Obama’s historical distinction is now guaranteed. He is America’s first black president to invade Africa. His assault on Libya is run by the US Africa Command, which was set up in 2007 to secure the continent’s lucrative natural resources from Africa’s impoverished people and the rapidly spreading commercial influence of China. Libya, along with Angola and Nigeria, is China’s principal source of oil. As American, British and French planes currently incinerate both “bad” and “good” Libyans, the evacuation of 30,000 Chinese workers is under way, perhaps permanently. Statements by western officials and media that a “deranged and criminal Colonel Gaddafi” is planning “genocide” against his own people still await evidence. This is reminiscent of fraudulent claims that required “humanitarian intervention” in Kosovo, the final dismemberment of Yugoslavia and the establishment of the biggest US military base in Europe.

    The detail is also familiar. The Libyan “pro-democracy rebels” are reportedly commanded by Colonel Khalifa Haftar who, according to a study by the US Jamestown Foundation, set up the Libyan National Army in 1988 “with strong backing from the Central Intelligence Agency”. For the past 20 years, Colonel Haftar has been living not far from Langley, Virginia, home of the CIA, which also provides him with a training camp. The Mujihadeen, which produced al-Qaida, and the Iraqi National Congress, which scripted the Bush/Blair lies about Iraq, were sponsored in the same time-honoured way, in leafy Langley.

    Libya’s other “rebel” leaders include Mustafa Abdul Jalil, Gaddafi’s justice minister until February, and General Abdel-Fattah Younes, who ran Gaddafi’s interior ministry: both with formidable reputations for savagely putting down dissent. There is a civil and tribal war in Libya, which includes popular outrage against Gaddafi’s human rights record. However, it is Libya’s independence, not the nature of its regime, that is intolerable to the west in a region of vassals; and this hostility has barely changed in the 42 years since Gaddafi overthrew the feudal king Idris, one the more odious tyrants backed by the west. With his Bedouin hyperbole and bizarre ways, Gaddafi has long made an ideal “mad dog” (Daily Mirror), now requiring heroic US, French and British pilots to bomb urban areas in Tripoli, including a maternity hospital and a cardiac centre. The last US bombing in 1986 managed to kill his adopted daughter…..”


  2. Distractions and Diversions

    by William Bowles / April 6th, 2011


    “I’ll admit, it’s complicated for Western lefties to see things clearly, immersed as we are in the Empire’s seductive embrace. Hence the confusion surrounding Libya but at least it does one thing namely it’s now possible to see who the real anti-imperialists are. But will the left get it? Apparently not as this headline from the usually quite perceptive Australian Greenleft Weekly demonstrates:

    Against Gaddafi & against NATO bombing of Libya
    – Greenleft 4 April, 2011

    But if you think the left have a problem, check out the Empire’s as the ‘humanitarian intervention’ is revealed for what it is, a ruthless, fascistic land grab. And the MSM is forced to confront the collapse of its propaganda war as it asks the question; what now? Do we supply weapons and if we do, that means putting troops on the ground, which is an unprovoked invasion of a sovereign state. It’s not legal and who are these ‘rebels’ anyway? The BBC describes them as a ‘rag-tag’ bunch (thus no doubt deserving of our ‘assistance’).

    So what now? Direct intervention on the ground with troops, armor and heavy weapons is just not on, it’s a step too far- for our domestic populations that is. Better the covert approach and as we know military ‘advisors’ have been on the ground for weeks, if not months and are now actively involved in knocking some order into the BBC’s ‘rag-tag’ bunch of rebels. But of course this could change especially if the rebels still can’t overthrow Gaddafi even with the Empire’s direct military support (something we were misinformed that the ‘no-fly zone’ would do).”


    Now the zionist media is openly pushing for a ground invasion, as well. When one finds the same lies being promoted on left/progressive sites as one sees in the zionist run western corporate media, there is something very wrong with that so-called left/progressive media. The zionist war against the Libyan people is a Litmus for who is real, and who is either phony or a dupe on the left, same as that phony green “color revolution” was a couple of years ago. What kind of progressive would be trying to convince people to support the same fascist, mass murdering war crimes as the israel’s usual neo-con loud mouths? Think about it. There is nothing accidental or coincidental about it, it’s a well orchestrated campaign to misinform the left to get them supporting ziofascist hegemony.

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