3 thoughts on “Misurata civilians under siege”

  1. What do we learn from this video? That civilians are caught between two fires. We also see some people who look like fighters but could be civilians badly wounded, even dead.
    It is a dreadful situation, we had already seen the injured evacuated in a ship.
    We see also some shooting with light arms. A civilian lady has been wounded by a bullet.
    Now all this is monstrous, I agree. But what about the blame game? And here come the al Jazeera spinning: anonymous makes denunciations, and shows a tire burning on his computer monitor… A Doctor from the safety in the rebel stronghold in Benghazi speaks… The journalist adds her own comment, biased against the government.
    True, she speaks of a street battle. And that is what it is. No side gives up. The rebels here have taken hold of the city centre, or perhaps Misurata Marina, I’m not sure, and they shoot out from their hidings. Likewise the other side shoots from other houses, and street corners, etc.
    We don’t learn from this video what we are being told to justify an armed intervention by the Europeans. Mind, the Europeans are not saying that they are going to invade to pacify the city, they say “Gaddafi troops are shelling the city and killing civilians”, and we don’t see that, they mean to intervene to extricate the rebels. But they make a huge media campaign to find their reason. It is again based on lies, that Misurata civilians are under siege by the government troops. But we could say that they are hostage of an armed rebellious militia which took the city a month ago armed with foreign weapons they had been provided. So anything goes, we could say whatever we like, and use some images to impress, while we talk to hazy people who take part in that blame game.
    It is déjà vu! We saw it in Iraq, in Kosovo, and whenever the empire decides to strike. They incite and arm rebellion, and they sell by using their corporate mass media anything they may find convenient to their bloody ends. When the situation is rotten they fancy they are the saviours of the wretched people…
    After the imperial “pacification” they preside over a destroyed country, a broken and impoverished country in protracted civil war with huge displacements of population and ethnic cleansing, and they don’t give a damn if hundreds of thousands of lives are lost, as long as they can take away safely the oil and the oil money.
    Somebody implied that comments by Arabs on this conflict are sort of more valuable. OK, how on earth, then, being Arabs, can they support an attack by those who have facilitated the death of over a million of Iraqi Arabs? Do they think it will be better here? They don’t know the history of imperialism and colonialism and their structural atrocities suffered by “brown” people, neither Libyan history. The tribes will never accept stooge rule, and there will be war and terror for a long time, while the former colonial powers pillage the Libyan oil, gas, phosphates…
    Whether Arab or not we should rather be outraged for so many lies which have led to the loss of so many Arab lives from both sides, instead of parroting the imperialist propaganda.
    Ah, and last but not least, I don’t trust al Jazeera, at least not as far as Libya is concerned. In fact the Qatari autocracy (that al Jazeera will never criticize) has vested interests since the beginning, it was al Jazeera the media which began telling about planes attacking civilians, proved a lie, and Qatar pressed for the UN Resolution, it has quickly recognized the puppet Council in Benghazi along with France and the former bloody colonial master, Italy. And it is very active smuggling weapons for the rebels, in violation of UN Resolution 1970. But of course nobody cares, as long as the Libyans continue killing each other and the imperialists boycott and incite the rejection of any peace initiative.
    Frankly I cannot see how blind some of you are.

  2. This is what you get when you stage an armed uprising and invite in foreingn invaders whio use airstrikes, DU adn other horrors

  3. Hear hear, Enrique, and you too Brian.

    Al Jazeera is a big disappointment. BTW, Press TV had James Petras on this morning, talking about Yemen.

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