Three Cups of Hooey

UPDATE:Three Cups of Deceit‘, Jon Krakauer’s extensive expose of Mortenson is now available for download (but only for a brief time, so hurry). Also check out Nosheen Ali’s article from the Third World Quarterly on the Mortenson saga and the discourse of humanitarianism. (via Mike Barker)

Fellow PULSEr Chase Madar calls this Missionary Imperialism. Once a critic of Donald Rumsfeld, he notes, Greg Mortenson had taken to touring the US with Pentagon officials stumping for the Afghan effort, portraying it as a Peace Corps project that just happens to have 130k armed soldiers attached.

Here’s Mortenson from an earlier appearance on Bill Moyers Journal.

4 thoughts on “Three Cups of Hooey”

  1. Krakauer missed his calling as an assassin. I am encouraging a boycott of all his books, particularly “Into Thin Air”, “Into the Wild,” and “Under Heaven’s Banner.” In all three books he literally digs up the dead, and the families involved in all three books are not Krakauer fans, he has inaccuracies and is just plain wrong, and has refused, to date, to correct any errors in his own books, so I find it interesting the vengence he is using to attack Mortenson.

    With any luck he will continue to climb, which means there is still a chance he could fall off his mountain of pride.

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