Saudi-backed Bahraini regime continues to torture and kill

Bahrain’s totalitarian regime continues to kill, torture and harass and yet coverage in the international media remains rare.

Also see Physicians for Human Rights report on Bahraini persecution of doctors.

Attacks on children have also been reported:

2 thoughts on “Saudi-backed Bahraini regime continues to torture and kill”

  1. It’s unfortunate that AlJazeera is also silent on the Bahrain issue for the most part. And it is probably an official policy, considering the counter-revolution-s that Saudis are pushing forward. AJ is probably under pressure from them as well as from its home country, Qatar. See some background in the following piece:

    Some reports also suggest that AJ’s own employees are not happy. See for instance, this one:

    I think, in response to such criticisms, AJ made an investigative report on the coverage of Bahrain. See below:

    But I think this was largely an attempt to whitewash its own complicity. The video places Saudi’s Al-Arabiya against Iran’s Al-Alam and tries to present Al-Jazeera above partisan journalism. But that is evidently not true, if one looks at AJ’s lack of emphasis (air time given in comparison) on this issue.

    One commentator in the above AJ video alleges that the Iranian channel “fomented sectarianism”. But it does not cite any actual quote.

    Further, that commentator argues that the Iranian “al-Alam … decided to take sides with the protestors outright…” … does siding with those struggling for the most basic of their rights fomenting sectarianism?!

  2. The first video on top of this post again misses an in-depth analysis that would point to Saudi agenda and involvement in Bahrain (the title of the post, however, supplies that missing context!). Further, the report does not frame the issue in ‘Sunni vs. Shia’ terms (which was a commendable) but it does not emphasize much either what the Bahrainis are after. I found the use of term “moderate” a bit conspicuous in this regard. Moderate with respect to what, based on whose perspective? Who is the “extremist”?

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