I encourage readers to tune in to the Tax Justice Network‘s excellent montly TaxCast. Hosted  by Naomi Fowler, each 15 minute podcast follows the latest news relating to tax evasion, tax avoidance and the shadow banking system. The show will feature discussions with experts in the field to help analyse the top stories each month.

You can now listen to the inaugural TaxCast which discusses the implications of the Vodafone vs India landmark tax case, compares Bill Gates and Mitt Romney’s attitudes to taxation and visits the Occupy camp outside St Paul’s Cathedral in London.

One thought on “TaxCast”

  1. Why don’t you encourage your readers, first, to understand how soverign monetary systems work operationally (US, Canada, Britain, China, Japan, Australia, and NOT Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italay, Ireland, etc, since they abdicated their sovereign currencies for the Euro)?

    Here are three links to get them started:
    D. Bill Black at Occupy LA

    then check out

    The 7 Deadly innocent Frauds of Economic Policy (you can read the free PDF or buy at Amazon) by Warren Mosler

    Click to access 7DIF.pdf

    Warren Mosler on the Economy – short radio interview last week

    Readers need to understand the monetary foundation under which the US and EU function, before they can assess tax havens as they affect each region. It’s like comparing US taxing decisions before the gold standard and after. Completely different rules apply, but people talk about them as if they are operationally the same. [In 2012–unlike the 1950s–the US federal government is a currency issuer; the 50 states, all businesses, households, and individuals are currency users. Currency users cannot create money to pay their bills. The currency issuer, OTOH, creates money by spending for the benefit of the currency users (infrastructure, etc).

    “Why Canada Didn’t Have a Banking Crisis in 2008”

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