Alex Salmond on Scottish Independence

David Frost speaks to Alex Salmond on Scottish Independence and Paul Krugman on the private debt crisis.

Many Scots now want to leave the UK, but will it be enough to win a referendum on independence in 2014? Sir David Frost speaks to the man who has led the movement for independence, Scotland’s first minister, Alex Salmond.

One thought on “Alex Salmond on Scottish Independence”

  1. I am of Scot origin, but American born. My mother was a Scot-Canadian, who’s mother and father were born in Scotland. I am in reality, a Scot Nobleman by relation, which will not buy me a cup of coffee! My grandmother (directly) on my Grandfathers side, (6 times back) was Lady Betsey Cameron, the pretender to the Thrown of Scotland and leader of the Jacobite Rebellion in the 1700’s! She was banished to France for raising arms against the English before the American Revolution. She had 19 grandsons by 19 different French Royality, inorder to raise another army, which gave her the title of “the whore from Scotland!” She did fight and fight and fight! My professional opinion is since Scotland has a very solid 1000 year relationship with England, she should take her time, secure her borders by survey, secure her oil ownershio, and secure her independent economy before she declares her independence. England is in no way going to march troops over the border and start another Northern Ireland. The Scotish people are too well connected and do hold seats in Parliment. I would like to see a free and independent Scotland but I want them to take their time. Scotland has fought over 100 wars with England since the eleventh century. Let her take her time, and secure everything. She should also secure the British Pound as her currency, and of course be a new member of the Commonwealth. She must retain The Queen as her head of State, symbolic as it may be! Scotland is small and should just take her time, because the British People love the Scot, as does the Queen!

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