Donna Shalala booed at AUB graduation

Donna Shalala suffers yet another indignity. The former Clinton administration official, who had been collaborating with the Israeli government to undermine BDS, had her comeuppance when according to YNet, she was ‘was held for two-and-a-half hours at Ben Gurion Airport during which she underwent a humiliating security debriefing because of her Arab last name ‘. Despite her services for the Israel lobby, she was recently invited to deliver the graduation speech at the American University in Beirut. Here is how she was greeted:

One thought on “Donna Shalala booed at AUB graduation”

  1. Glad to see the Zionist mouthpiece get her comeuppance since she has been in their service a very long time, from her days at Hunter College and at the Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison where she along with (urgun warrior) dean of students, Paul Ginsberg attacked the Left and destroyed the student government during her tenure, she is now at the CIA U. in Miami.

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