Bees and Terrorists

David Anderson QC

David Anderson QC, a barrister who serves as the Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation, claims that bee stings kill as many in the UK as terrorists. This is concerning. I didn’t know that bee stings were such a big problem in the UK. I want the government to invest more in anti-bee measures, fund more academic research into bee psychology, engage the good bees to separate them from the bad ones, and encourage communities across Britain to report any suspicious bee behavior.

In his report, Barrister Anderosn presented these alarming figures: “During the 21st century, terrorism has been an insignificant cause of mortality in the United Kingdom. The annualised average of five deaths caused by terrorism in England and Wales over this period compares with total accidental deaths in 2010 of 17,201, including 123 cyclists killed in traffic accidents, 102 personnel killed in Afghanistan, 29 people drowned in the bathtub and five killed by stings from hornets, wasps and bees.”

3 thoughts on “Bees and Terrorists”

  1. The purpose of terrorism is one; to terrify the masses by giving them the idea that they might be killed but if the people are just terrified without being killed then still the purpose is achieved as it is not the intention of the terrorist to kill but to terrify. Obviously, in case of Britain, the terrorists are not the so-called “Muslim fundamentalist” but it is their own government and their own media who is terrifying them. They should get rid of them or else let them be happy in a country where a single mother is compelled to sell herself in a brothel for a few pounds to feed her child while their leaders spend millions on a stupid event of queen’s diamond jubilee.

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