4 thoughts on “Time to Rethink Iran”

  1. The West has gone out of its way to appease the Iranian theocratic fascism ever since the hostage-taking of the US diplomats in Tehran despite thousands of American, British, French and other citizens having been murdered in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, twin towers, etc. by the regime’s terrorists or its active logistical support for terrorists like Al-Qaeda. President Obama in particular went out of his way to help Khamenei and Ahmadinejad by not siding with the millions of Iranian democracy campaigners after the electoral coup d’état.
    Now thousands of Lords, MPs, MEPs and senators as well as prominent US legal, diplomatic, military, political and security personalities are siding with the Iranian people’s main democratic opposition and its President-Elect Madam Rajavi, and calling on their governments to side with the Iranian nation, it seems Mr Snow is either waking up from his long asleep since Khomeini came to power or is helping make the last attempts by those wanting to appease and keep the Iranian fundamentalist tyranny in power at the cost of suffering of tens of millions of Iranians and millions of other neighbouring countries’ citizens who have been and are suffering the regime’s expansionist and aggressive war-mongering policies.

  2. The fuel for this Islamophobic rant against the Islamic Republic of Iran is zionized gharbzadagi. The cradle of “theocratic fascism” is racist Israel and its mommy USA, not Iran.

  3. The US and the West Okayed Khomeini to seize the power in Iran and steel the leadership of the Iranian people’s revolution against the Shah. Israel and the US sold the anti-human and anti-Iranian mass murderer Khomeini arms during the Iran-Iraq war; furthermore, the US is still appeasing the theocratic fascists led by Khamenei; the charlatan criminal and so-called “Islamic” mafia boss. The criminal regime in Iran is the worst enemy of Islam which is a religion of compassion and the regime’s criminal leaders have pushed millions of Iranian youths away from Islam. If you care about Islam, fight the main enemies of Islam; i.e. the plunderers and murderers occupying Iran.

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