Greece: The Hidden War

Greece: The Hidden War is a 1986 television documentary series about the background to the Greek Civil War. The series, which explores the contribution of British policy and actions to the civil war, gave rise to the biggest uproar in the history of British television: the series was banned, all but one copy destroyed, and letters were written to major newspapers in defence of Britain for months afterwards. Continue reading on Wikipedia.

4 thoughts on “Greece: The Hidden War”

  1. This is naïve. The film was not “banned” and there is no evidence that copies were systematically destroyed. Complaints against it for biased editing were (it seems) upheld by the UK Independent Broadcasting Authority and Channel 4 would not show it again for that reason. The Wikipedia article needs editing.

  2. Or perfidious Wikipedia. I didn’t mean to be rude, but it was difficult to ban a Channel 4 film in 1986. And the IBA was not a spineless regulator. It is possible that it was leaned on by people who were sensitive about things, but if so, the IBA gave them too much benefit of doubt. That is different from banning and destroying copies. Also, films were not usually shown again in pre-digital days. One airing was it.

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