One thought on “Robin Returns from Syria”

  1. Glad to hear Robin Yassin-Kassab’s reflections about his latest visit to the traumatized homeland, Syria, but deeply saddened to be informed about both the miserable conditions under which the Syrian refugees are living and the apparent loss of hope of returning to their homes on the part of these refugees. The entire Syrian tragedy is the sole responsibility of the essentially illegitimate, indeed criminal, Assad regime, including the militarization, sectarianization, and “barberetization” of the Syrian conflict. Sadly, there seems to be some kind of collusion among the main ‘external’ players, mainly the United States, Russia, Iran, and perhaps the Gulf states, regarding the destruction and fragmentation of Syria. The various foreign-sponsored militias, including Hezbollah, are whether wittingly or unwittingly simply the “willing enablers.” What a tragic loss of priceless historical/cultural heritage! What a tragic abandonment of Syrian/human nobility on the part of the international community!

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