Massacre in Hass

armThis won’t be a headline. And it happens every day.

Either Russian or Assadist planes bombed two schools in the small town of Hass, Idlib province, this morning. The video below shows a citizen journalist heading to the scene. I’ve seen much worse videos of this specific slaughter. One shows mothers screaming in total despair over the body parts of their children. The current death count is 35, most of them children. There are many injured.

I visted Hass very briefly in June 2013 on the way back to the Turkish border from Kafranbel. Hass is the next town along the road after Kafranbel, and like Kafranbel it’s a hotbed of democratic revolutionaries, not jihadists. Beyond that, the people are warm and welcoming rural Syrians, always willing to offer hospitality. In return the world ignores their torment.

It’s interesting that Assad has been sending surrendered civilians from revolutionary communities to Idlib province. The surviving people of revolutionary Daraya, for instance, were transported to Idlib. Then the families of Iraqi Shia militias began moving in to evacuated Daraya. Russian officials have said they want people from liberated  Aleppo to be transported to Idlib too. It looks like the emerging plan may involve a vast Sunni refugee camp across the province. Turkey may provide aid, and even be responsible for policing it. Some of the refugees in Turkey may ‘return’ there. Assad/Russia/Iran keep the cities of what the French called ‘useful Syria’. If Idlib gets too noisy, it will be bombed. Like Gaza but on a larger scale.

3 thoughts on “Massacre in Hass”

  1. What a cold-bloodied murder right in front of the wide-opened eyes of our “presumably” civilized world community! How could such an insane murderous like Assad (The Beast), together his equally murderous Russian ally (Putin the “seasoned” killer), be allowed to continue raining death and destruction with such a brazenly barbaric way against Syrian school children and hospitals? In our “presumably” civilized world, billions of dollars are spent every year to save and/or protect the lives of dogs and other animals, and yet we don’t seem to show the same compassion and/or moral outrage when it comes to the deliberate mass killing of innocent children. What has happened to the “never again” motto, as well as the “Right to Protect” resolution, that the world community has rightly decided to adopt and uphold after the mass slaughter of the Second World War and the war in the Balkan? When will the leaders of the United States and the European democracies realize that the appeasement of such brazen killers like the Assadist/Beastly regime, the barbaric maniacal Putin of Russia, and the hated Ayatollahs of Iran will only lead to more, rather than less, devastation and instability? Tragically, Syrian children, and with them the innocence and collective goodness of our humanity is being sacrificed at the alter of political expediency and moral bankruptcy. What a disgrace!

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