Anti-Imperialism Against Itself

A statement in solidarity with the multi-pronged Israeli assaults on Hezbollah and Hamas in 2006 read:

“We offer solidarity and support to the victims of th[e] brutality [in Lebanon and Palestine] and to those who mount a resistance against it”

The gist of the statement is that no matter how fundamentalist and sectarian someone is, they have the right to resist oppression.

Tariq Ali, one of the signatories, 9 years later would argue that in order to defeat ISIS,

“[Y]ou should be fighting side by side with Assad and the Russians . . . that’s the logic.”

In other words, we must join hands with other imperialists and mass murders to . . . fight imperialism. He went on to assert that

“This notion that there is a liberal third force is nonsense… 70,000 people collected together by the CIA, no, it’s not true, it’s a lie”

They just don’t exist, it’s a Muslim country after all!

Another signatory, Lindsay German, later went on to assert in 2015 that

“[T]he majority of the so-called “rebels” are and always have been foreign invaders and not domestic insurgents . . .”

Another signatory, John Rees—who in 2001 went as far as to argue that “whether or not to oppose imperialism” shouldn’t be premised “on whether or not we find the past or present behaviour of the [opposing] regime to be progressive”—would later insist that any rebel group in Syria that’s demanding arms and money from the West, the Gulf and Turkey shouldn’t be supported by the Left. By that logic, of course, the Spanish Republicans shouldn’t be supported for demanding arms of France. And the same would go for Hezbollah and Hamas who are both funded by Iran and, in the latter case, by Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

 What a world, what a world!

One thought on “Anti-Imperialism Against Itself”

  1. Most seem to forget that Hezbollah initiated that war in 2006 and that Israel, anticipating an attack, was well prepared for it. Anticipating foreign aggression and “war gaming” to perfect one’s defenses, as well as one’s response to it, is not a war crime, but rather preparation of one’s military position in advance. Hezbollah currently is involved in perpetrating its own war crimes in Aleppo Syria, particularly in shooting refugees trying to leave the besieged city. Hezbollah has been involved in very little recent combat against Israel, being tied down in Syria as Basher Assad’s paid mercenaries. They occasionally receive some arms transfers as compensation, which the Israelis carefully watch and then as necessary thoroughly destroy, but without taking any partisan side in the Syrian Civil War. When your enemies are turning against and fighting each other, you do not interfere, but let them do as much damage to each other as possible. Israel has absolutely nothing to gain by allying with any of the factions in the Syrian Civil War, but everything to gain from watching them destroy each other as well as the Syrian national infrastructure.

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