Allen Ginsberg on Pacifica Radio radio reading his banned poem “Howl” followed by a discussion with publisher Lawrence Ferlinghetti.

An interview with graphic artist Eric Drooker who has produced a graphic novel based on his friend Allen Ginsberg’s “Howl”. The full text of the poem is over the fold.

Download program audio (mp3, 47.85 Mbytes)

Few poems have been as celebrated or reviled as Allen Ginsberg’s ‘Howl,’ which was penned in Berkeley at the height of the Cold War, andwas the subject of a famous obscenity trial against publisher Lawrence Ferlinghetti. Renowned painter and graphic novelist Eric Drooker speaks about his friend Allen Ginsberg, whose poem he has animated, and discusses why ‘Howl’ still can’t be read in full on the radio today.

Allen Ginsberg and Eric Drooker, Howl: A Graphic Novel Harper Perennial, 2010
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