Phyllis Bennis on Obama’s Cairo speech

phyllisbennisThis week from CounterSpin – “Barack Obama has either been currying favor with Muslims or extending an olive branch in the Middle East depending on which media you consume. We’ll talk with Phyllis Bennis of the Institute for Policy Studies about Obama’s major speech in Cairo, and the size of the gap between words and actions.”

Phyllis Bennis on CounterSpin (9:46): MP3

Paul Findley: Obama plans showdown with Israel

Paul Findley, member of Congress, 1960-83, author of They Dare to Speak Out: People and Institutions Confront Israel’s Lobby, presents a rather optimistic view of Obama’s Cairo speech and actions to date.

He believes Obama is a long-range planner heading for a showdown with the Israel lobby.  I don’t share his enthusiasm for Obama or for the two state solution.  After all, even if it happens, what type of two state solution can Palestinians really expect?

As a Capitol Hill insider with long, close experience with Middle Eastern affairs and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, Israel’s principal lobby in Washington, I believe I can explain why Barack Obama, as president-elect, chose Rahm Emanuel as his chief-of-staff and Hillary Clinton as secretary of state. I am not an Obama insider. This is my analysis, based on strong evidence that the president is a careful, long-range planner.

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