Virginia standing up to the Fifth Column

Eric Cantor

IMPORTANT: Pro-Palestine activists and ordinary Americans who want their country back have an ideal opportunity to strike against Israel and its fifth column in the United States. Rep Eric Cantor recently promised the Israeli government that he would do everything in his power to undercut his own president on behalf of Israel,  statements which are demonstrably felonious under the Logan Act of 1799. Even the rightwing Examiner was moved to write that

Cantor’s comments take away from American prestige, and set a dangerous precedent for future United States foreign policy.  Cantor and his Republican colleagues have every right to support the nation of Israel, but their ultimately loyalty should be to the United States and not the country of Israel.  If Israel’s interests conflict with that of the United States, the Israeli government should theoretically not be able to call on Republicans in Congress to “check” the foreign policy of the Obama administration.

Should someone take this case to court, it will be an open and shut case. Veteran journalist and blogger Helena Cobban is already rallying Virginians to confront Cantor. If you are one, this campaign could really use your support.

The following two posts are a must read, one by Helena Cobban and the other by Glenn Greenwald.
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