The Enduring Palestine Land Day

by Brenda Heard

For nearly three decades the Palestinian people had been brutalised and belittled.  Then on 30 March 1976 they took a collective stand.  They were not the nomadic nuisance denounced by the Western Israeli Alliance.  They were a people with the same inalienable rights as any people.  And they would determine their own fate.

They held a general strike and demonstrated against the recently announced intention of the Israeli forces to further snuff out Arab viability in the Galilee region.  But the Israeli armed forces would not tolerate what they viewed as insubordination; they turned their weapons on the protestors, killing six outright, injuring dozens and arresting those who persisted in raising their voices.   The Western Israeli media quickly put down the fatal day as an outbreak of rioting Arabs.  But the estimated 400,000 Palestinian people who had participated in the strike knew better.

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