Criminalising Resistance

Following yesterday’s article on the criminalisation of dissent by Seumas Milne in The Guardian (posted below), The Guardian today reveals that the Government’s new ‘counterterrorism’ strategy due next month called Contest 2 will define as ‘extremist’ anyone who believes in ‘armed resistance, anywhere in the world. This would include armed resistance by Palestinians against the Israeli military.’ It would also include those who ‘fail to condemn the killing of British soldiers in Iraq or Afghanistan.’

The gall of this plan is quite breathtaking. Not content merely with providing political and material support to Israel’s illegal occupation, not to mention launching illegal wars and occupations of its own, the British Government will now explicitly label all resistance to these illegal and unethical projects as ‘extremist’. 

This represents a shift from the misuse of anti-terrorist legislation to attack and smear organised resistance as violent or as being infilitrated by violent extremists, towards the active repression of citizens who oppose the policy or ideology of the British Government, apparently even pacifists.  A Whitehall source told BBC Panorama that Contest 2 is a “move away from just challenging violent extremism. We now believe that we should challenge people who are against democracy and state institutions “

And of course there is no suggestion that ‘Contest 2’ will cover those who support atrocities by the British or Israeli state.  Nothing extreme about massacring Arabs obviously.  And those who are “against demoracy”?  How about the EU’s response to the election of Hamas?

9 thoughts on “Criminalising Resistance”

  1. Lock me up now. Cause I dissent and I am a FIRM BELIEVER in the GUILLOTINE.

    Chop off these bastards heads and let them role. Every banker who helped, every media mogul who lied, every politician who took a buck helping these false flags take control of our population

    Each one is a criminal and deserves nothing short of warcrime trials and a just a swift beheading.

    The utter contempt they show over the people whom they are supposedly beholden too is the seeds of our revolt.

    And we will win.

  2. I guess I’m a criminal, too. Not because of what I do or have done… but because of what I *believe*! Beliefs are now criminal. Thoughtcrime. It took a little longer than he thought, but George Orwell was right. War is peace, resistance is terrorism. Soon they’ll be renaming the Ministry of Defense the Ministry of Freedom. Incredible

  3. Typical of New Labor ignorance and stooooooopidity. They’d better crib the orthodox Cotholic Catechism before they next open their mouths.

  4. The same thing is happening over here in the U.S. Every time they take steps like this, people need to counter them with rebellion. Demonstrations is one good way. Don’t forget those cameras they have watching you. Charcoal lighter fluid and a match were nice inventions, wouldn’t you say? I was going to say gasoline, but with what it costs, charcoal lighter fluid might be better.

  5. I wonder if they will try it here in Australia.
    We usually are the bunnies for this kind of thinking.
    There no free speech as such here now, the real Australian spirit has been broken.
    We even beat the KiWis for sheep.

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