Campaign Against the Guardian

guardian230309Following the Guardian’s excellent feature Gaza War Crimes Investigation the Zionist Federation and Israeli Embassy have coordinated a disingenuous campaign against the paper.  The same story has also been picked up by ‘Honest’ Reporting and pro-Israel writers such as Melanie Philips whose article in the Spectator is embarrassingly titled The Guardian goes to Pallywood (I’m really surprised this clown gets her work published).

It’s worth remembering that the brutal assault on Gaza is a greater crime than any of the war crimes contained within it.  Noam Chomsky explains that “it is […] a mistake to concentrate too much on Israel’s gross violations of jus in bello, the laws designed to bar practices that are too savage. The invasion itself is a far more serious crime.” 

UN envoy, and expert on international law, Richard Falk agrees, describing the attack on Gaza as a war crime of the “greatest magnitude” stating it had no legal justification and may represent a “crime against peace”.  This is because Israel had not employed all peaceful options and ignored Hamas’s calls for a ceasefire based on an easing of the siege.  The siege is also an attack against the people of Gaza, a collective punishment that breaches Geneva conventions.  Clearly Israel’s action most certainly were not defensive; given Israel’s illegal occupation and colonisation of Palestinian lands, it can only be seen as part of an ongoing aggressive policy.

Bearing that in mind, and the facts such as that the Israeli military has admitted killing at least 189 children, the arguments of these lobby groups are ridiculously petty and callous, they are defending the indefensible.  Their point is not to educate but merely to pressure the Guardian to stifle criticism of Israel.  Their complaints give room to the papers resident Zionists, like Jonathan Freedland, to argue that the Guardian needs to be careful of offending “Jewish sensitivities” (or rather Zionist ‘sensitivities’) softening the discourse on Israel while also giving space for strong criticism of Hamas to appear “balanced”.

One thought on “Campaign Against the Guardian”

  1. There’s plenty of work for clowns like Freedland and the execrable Philips in the media.

    Sadly,brain-dead Zionists like these two will not need to sign on for some time to come.

    In years gone by they used to say that the Rothschilds were always able to deflect criticism away from their pet projects by use of the censor or by using the ample means at their disposal to influence cowardly newspapers and pressing the cleverest pens into their service.

    With a pet project like this,their failing Bloated Banana Republic (BBR)to wit,and not so clever pens like these-you get a sense of just how on the skids the Roths are.

    Short of major a world depression and war they could be going under!


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