Get Out of My Vagina, You Filthy Zionist!

This image was not taken in Petah Tiqva.
This image was not taken in Petah Tiqva.

In woman’s womb, reposes the people’s future and in her soul the heart of a nation.
~ Frau Siber of the Ministry of the Interior (Germany 1933)

I know, I know, the Nazi comparison has been sooo done to death, but so has my statement that if the swastika fits- choke on it. Books have been devoted to the study of racial purity theories and practices, and what you’ll usually find is not only racism, but chauvinism, restricting women to mere purity producers.

Keeping Petah Tiqva Girls Pure
Many people find it insulting when I say Israel is a chauvinist state and nation. “Compare it to your beloved muslim regimes!” They spit venomously, as they tell me that “if all women were like [me], [they’d] turn gay”. Institutionalized chauvinism and racism has been prevalent in the Israeli government and institutions, since its inception. Municipal racism certainly isn’t new (definitely not to the city of Petah Tiqva); Palestinian citizens of Israel have been discriminated against for 61 years.

As I said, chauvinism isn’t new to this militaristic society, but today, the municipality of Petah Tiqva has decided to take it up a notch and crack down on young Israeli women [limited by my translation]:

A special team in the youth unite of the Petah Tiqva city hall will locate teenage girls that often to meet with [male] minorities and aid them… “There are several problem centers and city hall is making an effort to investigate the situation with the cooperation of the police.”

Meet the Illegal Stayer
The purity of the Petah Tiqva girls is, of course, not really the point. It’s only an excuse for municipal ethnic cleansing. “The minority problem is familiar,” says Moshe Spector [bold by me], head of the youth unite, using classic purity theory speak. We all remember “the Jewish problem” very well. The article goes on to tell us that the “location” and “aiding” of the young girls is actually:

…part of engineering administration activity in city hall to prevent apartment renting, usually split [apartments], to minorities that stay in the city illegally.

What does it mean to stay in a city illegally? You learn something new every day. Today I learned the term “Shabah” (שב”ח). That’s an acronym for “Illegal Stayer” (שוהה בלתי חוקי). It doesn’t only sound strange in English, and it’s all over this article, so I went to check it out [limited by my translation]:

In Israel, an Illegal Stayer… is someone who is within the domain of the state without a permit to be so. Though the term can refer to any citizen of any state, it is mostly used to refer to Palestinians, residence of Judea and Samaria [West Bank] and the Gaza Strip. They don’t need visas and passports, when they enter Israel, rather entrance permits… that are issued by the District Coordination Office [Israeli military-governmental collaboration ]. In these permits, certain regions of entrance are sometimes stated, and sometimes it is decided that staying at all domains of the state is permitted. It also states the reasons of stay: employment, medical needs, personal needs, etc.

Because of the territorial continuity that exists between Israel and Judea and Samaria, illegal entrance of Palestinians into Israel is easy and more common than other states, though in the areas where the separation fence has been erected, the infiltration has become more difficult. The need to limit Palestinian entrance to Israel stems from the fear they will carry out terror operations and also of reasons that have to do with the structure of the job market in Israel. As part of the struggle against illegal staying, in 1966, the Law of Illegal Staying was legislated, that prohibits the employment, hosting and transportation of illegal stayers. The law was determined Law of the Hour [temporary], that is extended every year or two, in order to enable parliament to occasionally reexamine the arrangement and change it.

The number of Palestinians, staying in Israel today (2009), without a permit, according to different elements of the security system, is between 20 thousand to 50 thousand. According to the Palestinian Workers Union, the number of Palestinians working illegally in Israel is between 35 thousand and 40 thousand (by far outnumbering the legal Palestinian workers).

And they say this isn’t an apartheid state… silly Zionists…

This whole issue is rather complex with bureaucracy from here to next Sunday. There’s actually a special custodycourt for illegal stayers [Hebrew], the idea is to make sure that these people get their basic rights before the law (bail, terms of custody while case is tried etc.). Unfortunately for Palestinians, this is Israel, and as such, their rights will be revoked if they are considered a “security risk” [Hebrew].

This little Wikipedia bit explaining illegal stayers is rather telling of the mentality behind the policies. Wether it’s the fact that this “law of the hour”[Hebrew] (along with Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law that prohibits the reunification of Palestinian families within Israel- in other words, ‘you want to see your wife go to Gaza’. And the Law of the Arrangement of Criminal Statutes [Hebrew], which basically violates detainee rights as stated by law in Israel and international court) is most obviously discriminative and was tailored to Palestinians, as far as the Zionist entity is concerned, or the fact that Palestinians are under a military regime, or that the permit system is highly reminiscent of the South African pass system. I also find it revealing that the “separation fence” (have I said apartheid yet?) is there to stop “worker infiltration”, because I was sure it was for my security and all that jazz. Speaking of my security, if I was a Zionist, I’d be rather freaked, if I knew there were 20-50 thousand terrorists, running free without a permit, cleaning high-rise windows in Ramat Gan… silly Zionists…

The Municipal Illegal Stayer Solution
Let’s get back to the ethnic cleansing of Petah Tiqva. I know, I know, “ethnic cleansing” are tough words, but as I said the purity of Petah Tiqua’s young flowers is “part of the Engineering Administration’s activity”. So lets see how we can “gently” expel a population in 2009:

Engineering Administration inspectors have raided, these past few weeks, approximately 200 apartments in the city center, that are known to have been illegally split by their owners. The raids occurred in the evening hours, in order to prevent the tenants from avoiding them.

[Deputy Mayor] estimates that hundreds of young Arabs, some from the [occupied] territories, some Israeli Arabs, live in the city center, in small or split apartments. The municipality issued announcement, lately, warning the home owners of the illegal apartment splitting prohibition and also of the illegal stayer hosting prohibition.

So here are my questions:

  1. If splitting the apartment, by the owner, is illegal (and we won’t get into why the state is up in my property, in the first place), why are the tenants being raided?
  2. Again, if hosting illegal stayers is a felony violated by the apartment owner, why are the tenants being raided?
  3. If the “young Arabs” are in “small apartments”, rather than the illegal split apartments, do they still get raided?

No Dogs or Arabs Allowed After 23:00 O’clock
As if the states long arm in my vagina and property isn’t enough, let’s have it up in my business. This one short article puts the cherry on top of the cream pie that is municipal ethnic cleansing, with a few little laws that take us back to where we started, Nazi Germany:

The Engineering Administration emphasized it will implement further prevention operations, such as submitting formal complaints of illegal stayer hosting to the police, prohibiting stationing tables outside after 23:00 in coffee houses where illegal stayers usually assemble, and also to turn up the lighting in the city central, including the parking lot and city hall.

So I guess I’ve got to have a security threat in order for the city to give me some romantic lighting. Bring on the illegal stayers!

Feeling the Hate in Petah Tiqva
They say hate breeds hate. One of the amazing things to watch is the bigotry among Israeli citizens rise, every time bigotry rises towards the Palestinians. To end this ugly chapter of purity of arms and purity of charms, I’d like to take a look at the comment section of this article [pardon the bad grammar…sicsicsic…]:

It’s time to punish them severely, in the Arab sector an Arab woman isn’t allowed to hang out with a Jew, if [they] see an Arab woman with a Jew, forget about it [slang], it’s dishonoring the family for them, it can end with murder but an Arab is allowed and welcome to take advantage of a Jewish woman, start taking care of the Jewish women who cavort with Arabs [#1]

We must stick disgrace [metaphorical/physical? scarlet letter] on each one [female] who cavorts with Arabs [male] [#2]

Why prevent?…

They obviously need someone to educate them…
With that “good old fashioned” education…
Because their parents didn’t know how to educate.

Then they’ll cheat on their Arab husband…
Then they’ll murder them on grounds of “some lie” of the family [a play on ‘dishonoring the family’]…

So why prevent?
No encourage!! [#3 signed “Common Sense”]

They’re all Russian, I’m from PT and I know what I’m talking about… [#4]

A Letter to Mayor Yitzhak Ochayon
This frighteningly uncritical Ynet article was sent to me, in the first email I happened to open, this morning. Along with the link, I was given the email of Yitzhak Ochayon, Mayor of Petah Tikva, and was prompted to write a personal message of protest. I know my disgust, anger and fear for my rights, being a woman in a military state, are obvious, but I thought I’d share the extent of it with my readers:

To Mayor of Petah Tiqva, Yitzhak Ochayon,

Incidentally, I lived in Petah Tiqva for two years. Incidentally, my family is of the founders of Ein Ganim [a PT neighborhood, it’s not pride in my Zionist roots, it’s stressing that I have family in the city]. Incidentally I have a good friend who’s love and life partner is a Muslim Arab. Not incidentally, the institutionalized, racist plan to “locate and aid” teenage girls who cavort with minorities, personally offends me. There are obvious questions, such as; Are Russians a minority? Are French a minority? Are Ethiopians… ah yes, Ethiopians are definitely a minority in the Ex-territory, known as Petah Tiqva. But another question burns in me:

What the hell are you doing in my bed?!

Take note- We, human beings, see you and we won’t be silent
Tali Shapiro

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