Iran – The War Dance

An important interview with Scott Ritter, the former UN chief weapons inspector in Iraq, on Democracy Now!, debunking some of the myths spun around Iran’s nuclear programme.

In a frightening replay of its pathological gullibility for state propaganda, the mainstream press (with honourable exceptions, as ever) has once again adopted the dominant narrative set by Western governmental officials, with journalists and other members of the intelligentsia dutifully performing their role as Gramsci’s “experts in legitimation”.

As the editors of MediaLens note in their latest review of the British press (see the full media alert here):

It is indeed with a sense of wonder, verging on awe, that we witness the same media performing the near-identical war dance on Iran that they performed on Iraq just seven years ago. To us it seems like yesterday – the sense of madness is fresh in our minds. When Obama acts the stern father in demanding: “Iran must comply with United Nations resolutions,” he is repeating, with the alteration of but a single letter, the same sentence in the same tone used by George Bush and Tony Blair on Iraq.

I strongly urge everyone concerned about these issues to visit the IAEA website and read the relevant documents about Iran’s nuclear programme, something that very few commentators seem to find time for. Despite the at times complex nuclearspeak, it’s a very rewarding exercise. Yes, there are clearly areas in which Iran has so far not fully cooperated with the IAEA but as its chief Mohamed ElBaradei told the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists recently:

“We have not seen concrete evidence that Tehran has an ongoing nuclear weapons program… But somehow, many people are talking about how Iran’s nuclear program is the greatest threat to the world… In many ways, I think the threat has been hyped. Yes, there’s concern about Iran’s future intentions and Iran needs to be more transparent with the IAEA and the international community… But the idea that we’ll wake up tomorrow and Iran will have a nuclear weapon is an idea that isn’t supported by the facts as we have seen them so far.”

9 thoughts on “Iran – The War Dance”

  1. With Rand Corp.planners lobbying the Pentagon for a new major conflict we wonder just how many “fabled enemies” have been fabricated and put in place by Anglo-US elites.

    Wars and revolutions are created by globalist elites and their agents who foment regional conflicts and work assiduously to have national leaders/players preselected and placed on the international chessboard well in advance.Then they wait for the right moment to trigger a major conflict.

    Such an opportune moment had now arrived according to Rand and the Corporation duly advised the Pentagon that the bail-out millions would now be better spent on a new major war that would be a more effective way of reviving flagging stock markets!

    In this sense Rand operates no differently from the agents of Trotskyite “permanent war and revolution” of the last century.It was little known international revolutionaries like Parvus (who gave the idea to Trotsky in the first place) and Trebisch-Lincoln (bizarrely once a British Liberal MP) who provided funds at crucial periods for both the Bolsheviks and the Nazis through cash-in-hand deals and international front companies.

    Such agents act for financial elites and geopolitical strategists like Brzezinski who in this context wrote a whole book about how to use a strategy of fomenting regional conflicts ultimately necessitating NATO/US intervention across Eurasia.

    This was merely a revamp of the original plans for British world domination of the Eurasian strategic “pivot area” described by Harold Mackinder.

    Given that anyone capable of doing some minimal research can discover the transparency of Anglo-US plans for destabilisation and regional conflict everywhere from Eastern Europe to the Far East and the Korean peninsula it seems high time there was an effort by commentators to ask simple questions like just where did the “Axis of Evil” get its nuclear capability in the first place?

    On the back of the development of Pakistan’s nuclear capability Dr A.Q.Khan was protected every step of the way by the CIA as he helped provide N.Korea with the means (key parts for centrifuges)to build its nuclear arsenal.

    Again well behind the orchestrated corporate media war-dance with which we are all so familiar since the attack on Iraq it is private actors who put the pieces and players in place well in advance.

    In 2005 Halliburton sold key nuclear reactor components to a private Iranian oil company using offshore subsidiaries-like HPSL conveniently with operations offices in Dubai and its profits exclusively from its Iran operations then stashed in the Caymans-to subvert the sanctions regime.It is likely French companies have done the same.

    In a sense Halliburton was acting consistently with the policy of encouraging and recognising Iran’s right to develop nuclear resources that began under the Ford administration in the mid-1970s.This was during the “Cold War” before Iran was an official enemy.Such trading activity-and lest we forget both the US Vice President and Defence Secretary sat on the Halliburton board-is also reminiscent of Bush and Ford breaches of Trading With The Enemy legislation that lasted throughout WW2 and up to 1950 when Germany was the “Axis of Evil” state.

    The corporate decisions of the Halliburton parent company were probably inspired by the immunity it seemingly enjoyed as it gobbled up government contracts in Iraq despite its appalling record on delivering those contracts to supply US troops and rebuild devastated Iraqi infrastructure.

    In the last century governments killed up to 250m people.The totalitarian state bureaucracies in China and the Soviet Union were responsible for the vast majority of these deaths.Yet in tandem with this culling went the globalist elite’s building up of “fabled enemies” like Hitler,the Soviets,N.Korea all of which created the conditions in which the global armourers could go about their business and thrive notwithstanding any official sanctions regimes.

    When the next major conflict begins be it in the Middle or Far East the same global elites and their agents will have orchestrated the entire process.

  2. Incidently for all you left-gatekeeper saps who missed the shift and whose view of the world is utterly befuddled by the left-right paradigm that has served globalist elites so well over centuries-Trotsky and “permanent” revolution are still busy in the White House today.

    Senior Obama adviser,David Axelrod,a Soviet immigrant,is Trotsky’s great great grandson.While old Butcher Bronstein’s great great granddaughter,Nora Volkow works as Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

    How so?

    Well because the “Cold War” was another globalist-orchestrated psy-op,much like “The War on Terror” plugged by the pliant corporate media today.

    Trotsky was bank-rolled by Wall Street and came out of the Bronx with his Bolshevik advance guard on their way back to Russia to join up with Lenin.Lenin’s trip back to the old country was the result of the deal cut by Parvus with a German government keen for Russia to drop out of WW1.

    If history offers any insights it will mean we won’t have to look far beyond the latter-day Trots around Obama for the script that will play out in the 21st century permanent war and revolution agenda.

  3. Thanks Freeborn — very interesting that two of Trotsky’s descendants hold key positions in the current US administration. Any links to verify this? Incidentally I agree and have long held that the left-right paradigm is an obfuscation, though we still employ it as terminological shorthand.

  4. Ann

    Volkow’s Wiki entry corroborates her ancestral link to Trotsky.

    However the kinship link between Obama’s political strategist is not mentioned in official sources like Axelrod’s Wiki entry/or his Guardian/Independent profiles.

    But there is an NYT story from 10th November 1990 on a man of the same name involved in anti-Palestinian violence including the murder of an elderly couple.This Axelrod was a fanatical follower of Rabbi Kahane whose recent assassination formed the backdrop to the anti-Palestinian violence in which this Axelrod took part.

    If it was the same Axelrod then you can understand the need to cover it up in official sources.Curiously at the end of the NYT piece they printed a correction retracting the ancestral link they had made between the Axelrod suspected of killing the elderly Palestinian couple and Trotsky.They did however without any sense of irony say that another man with the same name who was a Trotsky descendant was questioned and then released in “a case of mistaken identity”.

    Where have we heard that one before?

    If you’re still interested in verifying the ancestry of Obama’s chief political strategist go to Romanian National Vanguard News Agency and enter Axelrod in their search engine for the original story from 1st October 2009.The piece has a Reuters photo of Axelrod and Obama juxtaposed with one of Trotsky and the resemblance is uncanny!

    If you find the NVNA piece with its capitalization of words like JEW and COMMUNIST offensive-I know how sensitive you guys are,or are compelled to be,on such issues-you will have to stick to official sources like the NYT story from 1990.

    Google nytimes.com1990Israelipolicemove

    Obviously those in the “conspiracy community” will be drawn to the NVNA sources.

    Certainly the NYT article retraction relies heavily on Israeli police sources on which even you guys in the gatekeeper community(LOL)will probably harbour doubts!

    However the uncanny physical resemblance,the coincidental fact that Axelrod in profiles is described as resident in the Lower East Side where Trotsky was berthed with his family before setting out to join the Revolution in Russia,and the Soviet emigrant identity ascribed to both the Kahane fanatic in the NYT story and the Obama Axelrod in a number of sources-would all make me dubious about all the official sources and of the view that NVNA is on to something!

    Again,it seems NYT appended the retraction after consulting their Israeli police sources.

    See also sources on the Kahane Axelrod with terrorist convictions including:

  5. Also-and this could be the last word for now at least-another official source is David Ha’ivri’s (aka.Axelrod,the Kahane settler-activist) Wiki entry.

    No mention of any Trotsky ancestry here!

    Ergo-the Kahane Axelrod and the Obama Axelrod are two different people.But in official sources they are not keen to identify the one in the White House as the great,great grandfather of Trotsky.

    So I’m sticking with NVNA on this one.I think he is!

  6. I mean great great grandson,of course!

    The Ha’ivri Wiki entry is almost hagiographic and makes no mention of any terrorist activity or Trotsky ancestry.

    Contrariwise the google Axelrod bio details link the same man with both terrorism and (with specific family details) Trotsky!

    Plot thickens……

    I think this is a case of official sources like Wiki tying themselves up in knots!

    Anyway a future headline we can look forward to:


  7. Thanks for the info Freeborn – perhaps the fact there was also an Axelrod who was a contemporary of Bronstein’s is unrelated but I’ll endeavour to investigate further as soon as I can.

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