Photo Essay of a Settler

A friend of mine started a cyber-satirical Facebook profile for ex Israeli Air Force commander and Israeli army Chief of Staff, Dan Halutz (you’re all very welcome to join). Fortunately for the anthropology dabblers among us, some people don’t recognize satire when they see it, and among Lt. General Halutz’s friends, I stumbled upon “supporters of the settlers of the Simon the Righteous [aka Sheikh Jarrah] neighborhood”. Who are these supporters of criminals and ethnic cleansers? From their Facebook group (limited by my translation):

Lately, a number of houses have been saved in the “ Simon the Righteous” neighborhood in Jerusalem, which is very upsetting to the Anarchists and anti-semites around the world that are harassing the Jewish residents and the worshippers at the Simon the Righteous tomb, thinking that this will prevent Jews from visiting the area and living around it. Here at the group we’ll update about the going ons at the site and about the struggle to return the stolen Jewish houses.

In honor of the new Christian year the Muslims are brown-nosing the Christians. A big christmas tree has been stationed in front of the settlers houses which proves to us that where there is sanctity the devil grows. We’d like to remind the Christians what happened when Bethlehem was given to Palestinian terrorists: Their daughters were raped, their houses robbed, and most of them left the country.

This delightful group is very active, but rather than waste my time on translating more racist, colonialist blather, I’d like to share with you the choice photos and their labels, from the group, which give lingual and graphic insight into their warped perspective. I call it “Photo Essay of a Settler”.

“We are Jews. We have one country, and we will beat those who rise up against us!”
“On the wall there was once drawn a flag of a murderers organization.”
“And on the house wall we drew a huge David’s shield.”

“Nahman Deitch looks a lot like the Jew that the Arabs drew on the wall, so we took pictures for souvenirs.”
"So we took care of it."

“Border patrol happily secured.”
“The house that was redeemed about a month ago.”

“We’ve come to expel darkness” (from a Hanukkah folk song)
“Populating Asulin family”
“El, el, Israel!” (God, God, Israel!)
“Nahman Mishmarti erases Nazi slogans.”
“Hattem Aabdel Khader of the murderers organization Fatah identifies with the thieves.”
“The Anarchists demonstrate and riot every Friday.”
Sign says: “Stop the Jewish settlement of East Jerusalem” Supporters of the settlers of the Simon the Righteous neighborhood say: “Stinking Racism.”
“Al Haieb the security guard and Nahman”

“Moshe Yifrah taking part in the painting over of the flags of the the murderers organization.”

“The second area. The recently redeemed house.”

take on the role of UN.””]
“An Arab rioting above the tomb area."

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