And they call this man eloquent…

‘The middle east is obviously an issue that has plagued… the region… for … centuries.’

It appears the word ‘occupation’ is not a part of this blathering milquetoast’s vocabulary. (Kudos to the courageous questioner, who, I am told, was Laila Abdelaziz of the University of South Florida.)

The person he reminded me most of was this:

5 thoughts on “And they call this man eloquent…”

  1. i love the analogy to miss california, idrees.

    incidentally, as a result of leila’s example, last night i dreamt that i too confronted our president (only i was in the oval office :D). it may seem funny, but we see how instantaneously the imagination expands when certain actions enter into the realm of possibility.

  2. If that clown Obama is what the people of America refer to as eloquent, it’s pretty easy to see why they spent 8 years worshipping a barely literate dingbat from TexASS.
    As for the comparison to Miss Teen South Carolina – that’s an insult to the teenager…..

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