The Only Democracy in the Middle East: 29.1.2010

The Day’s Demonstrations

The Bil’in weekly demonstration brutally suppressed by soldier’s infiltration into the village, for the the third week in a row. Youth and children fight back to save their land:

Looking for coexistence after the Al-Ma’asara weekly demonstration:

Nebi Salah youth try to conduct a sit-in:

The Nights Under Occupation

The village of Bil’in has been raided once in every two to three nights for the past 4 months. Almost all its committee members have been arrested and many other village residents (some minors, under the age of 18). This is the latest raid (tonight):

The Jerusalem/Al-Quds neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah is being ethnicly cleansed (sanctioned by the Israeli high court). Less than an hour after a family is violently evicted from its home, Jewish settlers are let in. Settlers often attack the evicted families (that sleep in a tent outside) and other Palestinian residence of the neighborhood. This is the latest attack:

One thought on “The Only Democracy in the Middle East: 29.1.2010”

  1. Its heart breaking to see this suffering and humiliation endured by Palestinians, but the courage of these defiant stone throwing kids and teenagers against aggressors who are heavily equipped with modern warfare gadgetry is inspirational.

    Cheers, Tali.

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