The Only Democracy in the Middle East: 26.3.2010

In heavy rain and under heavy threat, all the weekly demonstration insistently ensued, across the West Bank. The village of Al Ma’asara demonstrated against the latest arrest and torture of the local demonstration organizer, Omar Alaaeddin:

Another settlement in Sheikh Jarrah was granted a building permit. The settler organizations want to turn the Shepard Hotel, in the neighborhood- historic house of the Grand Mufti- into 20 apartments. 50 activists separated from the regular protest, across the road from the neighborhood, and protested at the sight. Since marches have been prohibited by the police, demonstrated created a human chain, and walked back through the neighborhood and more attempted arrests, to join the rest of the demonstration.

Later, on Friday evening, Michael Solsbery, one of the  Sheikh Jarrah activists, was arrested by the Jerusalem police. He was accused of disturbing public order during the weekly demonstration in the neighborhood. He was released after lawyer Leah Zemel intervened in his investigation, and will be brought be before a judge today. This is an unprecedented political hunting of activists and worsening political suppression.

In the village of Nil’in, the struggle continues with no changes:

Protests also took place in Bil’in, where one activist was arrested and taken to the Adam-Benjamin settlement police head quarters, and released later at night.

BILIN DEMO 26.03.2010 - 04

and Nebi Salah.


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