The Only Democracy in the Middle East: 15-22.5.10

After the Israeli soldiers arrested the reporter, they used this incendiary device to start a fire. (Photography by Edo Medicks,

In Bil’in, the villagers tried yet another creative attempt at ending apartheid, dressing up as the assassinated Naji al-Ali’s Handala and carrying the symbolic 1948 key.

The army, like a well oiled machine, attacked with chemical warfare, invaded the village to abduct an Al-Arabiya reporter, using a smoke screen canister that spits fire as well.

Fires sparked due to the combination of Middle Eastern heat and ammunition. About 20 olive trees were lost, as it took the fire truck about an hour to arrive and the army had to be begged to stop gassing us, so we could approach the burning areas. Video clips after the fold.

Footage from last week’s abduction has been recovered. The Army was very obviously looking for Ashraf Abu Rahmeh, brother of the murdered Bassem Abu Rahme and victim of an infamous shooting, while tied and blindfolded, since they couldn’t find him in the previous night’s raid.

BILIN 14.05.2010 - 12
The Israeli soldiers didn't like the 'wanted' posters and 'warning - poisonous gas' signs activists have been posting. (Photography by Edo Medicks)

In Nebi Salah assult dogs were introduced as the latest “dispersal device”. Like in Bil’in, fires spread all over the hills. Two Israelis were detained, one woman dragged and beaten in the jeep, her head split open:

In Sheikh Jarrah, our attempts to enter the neighborhood have been illegally and violently stopped by the police. We conducted a sit in and the police, ignoring the courts, yet again, insisted on rioting. 14 arrested and 3 sent to the hospital with broken arms and ribs.

(click for part 2 and 3)

On Saturday, 150 protesters marched in from the courthouse to Jerusalem square and back, until our friends were released at around 1:30 in the morning. Further judiciary procedure will be continued on Sunday.

From Hebron, we recieved the following report:

Approximately 150 Palestinians and 50 Israelis/Internationals held the weekly friday demonstration for the opening of the Shuhada st., this time also commemorating Al-Nakba day. Protesters held signs, flags and balloons, spoke, sang and chanted slogans.  Two soldiers aimed their rifles directly at the crowd throughout the demonstration, despite the fact that there was no violence at all on behalf of the protesters. The army did storm and beat a protester who spray painted an “Open Shuhada Street” sign on an ugly cement army post. Afterwards soldiers crossed again to our side numerous times, only creating conflict. At some point these “brave” men tried to catch a young boy. A Palestinian who attempted rescuing him was arrested. Protestors proceeded with marching in the old city, this time to the busier side, which attracted more attention from local Hebronites. Again the march was attacked by settlers throwing water, a few stones and a wooden stick from rooftops, all under the army’s supervision.

More nonviolent demonstrations took place during the week in the villages Beit Jalla, Ma’asara, Beit Ummar, Sheikh Jarrah, al-Wallaje, Biddu and many others.

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    1. Linda, you have no idea how encouraging all the actions “outside” are. Thank you and keep strong!

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