The Only Democracy in the Middle East: 18.6.10

Fifteen year-old paramedic volunteer arrested by the IDF, while on duty, cuffed in discordance with regulations. ~Photograph by Gal Lugassi

Five paramedics (one of them [image to the left] a minor, the age of 15) and one member of the press- all marked with vests according to their duty, all residents of the village of Ni’lin- were arrested during the weekly demonstration. I later chanced upon the 6 at the Beit-El (settlement) police station. We managed to talk to them a bit and take some pictures before the guarding officer started yelling for the police to come and take us away. Anarchists Against the Wall Reported the following:

One of the soldiers punched the cameraman and a medic, and another threw a large rock at the a radio receiver belonging to the medics. The arrestees were taken to the Shaar Binyamin police station. Two of them were accused of assaulting the police, and four were released.

The latest report is that the remaining journalist and paramedic were both released, with no conditions.

The Following report comes from Nebi Salah:

At today’s protest, there was fiery resistance from the village women when Israeli Occupation Forces arrested a young man on the Orwellian accusation that he didn’t prevent the shabab [youth] from throwing stones at them from his property, the arrest was fiercely resisted with palpable anger and outrage and even when the soldiers had him cocooned in a jeep prior to being carted off to detention and worse, the vehicle was physically prevented from leaving until brutality, percussion grenades and tear gas forced a way. However, there is a happy outcome to this story as the IOF released him shortly afterwards to the arms of his joyous wife and villagers.

Last week, as a means to quell the demonstrations, ten of the houses in Nebi Salah got a demolition order.

Three injured and three (including myself) arrested in Bil’in, after the army invaded the village and sullied it with its tear gas.

One thought on “The Only Democracy in the Middle East: 18.6.10”

  1. Desperate Zionists are recruiting foreigners to serve in the Israeli immoral killing machine as it faces shortages from religious and medical excuses. Having no loyalty to a birth place is essential. All are required to have a large yellow coward’s strip on their backs! The attraction is killing Gaza’s children and youths with stones as against armed Afghani.

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