Susan Abulhawa v. Alan Dershowitz: Novel Approaches

Palestinian author Susan Abulhawa, whose debut novel, Mornings in Jenin, is an international sensation, confronts Zionist bully Alan Dershowitz, known for fictions of a different variety, at the Boston Book Festival. The discussion is moderated by Director of the Harvard Negotiation project, James Sebenius and sponsored by the Jewish Community Centers of Greater Boston.

17 thoughts on “Susan Abulhawa v. Alan Dershowitz: Novel Approaches”

  1. Dershowitz repeats the Iran has a nuclear weapons program hooey

    Repeats the Dennis Ross and team hogwash that it was all Arafats fault

    Very interesting. Wonder who the camera person was? They had the camera on a wide scope when Dershowitz was speaking. So that we could watch Susan Abulhawa’s reactions to what Dershowitz was saying. But now that Susan Abulhawa is speaking the camera person just shows us the host and Susan. Would really like to watch Dershowitz while she is speaking.

  2. Dershowitz’s bigotry is almost awesome. There is no reasoning, understanding or deep thought in much of what he says. Instead he simply rants, name calls and constantly interrupts by shouting his personal propaganda. His plants in the audience, some who insult Susan personally, fail to help his case and that really goes to show how weak his argument is.
    There is a part of me that feels sorry for this paranoid man, whose abhorrent views skew his conception of reality. Is that a psychosis? Not being a medical professional, it’s not right to diagnose him a psychotic but it would certainly seem that he has that problem.
    He reminds me of Glenn Beck. Maybe that’s what he is, a Jewish version of Glenn Beck.

    I wish I could write something notable about Susan. Maybe even something to the same length as I have just written about Dershowitz, but her won words, knowledge and dignified stance say more about her than I ever could.

  3. Alan Dershowitz?

    Does Harvard care about this guy?

    A mouthpiece for the ‘lobby’ representing
    the nation’s most prestigious University.

  4. Of course Dershowitz was confidewnt the ‘moderator’ would let him interrupt and pontificate all he wanted, while cutting off Susie whenever she tried to respond. The moderator was more disgusting than Dershowtiz really; smiling the whole time.

    Also the questions fromt the audience were clearly pre-arranged with the ‘moderator’ who made sure to call on the zionists with their red herrings and changing the subject.

    The ‘liberal’ zionists always avoid forums they don’t control and refuse any debate where they aren’t allowed to stage manage in this way.

  5. In the introduction, both guests can speak as they wish. Then, after the moderator requests the discussion center on the literary, Dershowitz launches into a lecture on the Official History of Israel, his voice rising steadily. Yet what he has to say is a the same old carefully limited storyline, discredited by actual Israeli history in the detail that has come to light. We Americans, who have listened to this for so long, as would attentive children, can no longer be hoodwinked.

    What is good about this video is that yadda-yadda challenged – a one state solution is mentioned that is not exclusively Jewish. The stridency of Dershowitz is understandable because his traditional history lesson is logically extensible into one apartheid state that can’t be defended. Whether Jewish Israelis agree to sharing their state will be moot because as South Africa proved – weapons do not overcome worldwide opprobrium. No nation can stand completely isolated.

    Dershowitz would only be pathetic, if he didn’t represent a large number of other folks who turn the screws on the Palestinians ever harder rather than come to their senses. Israel moves ever further to the right. There is no future in that.

  6. Dershowitz is not only a bull but also a great bullshit!!!! How come this guy receives so much attention is beynd me. Is he not a an AIPAC operative? Should the AIPAC dogs colonize even culture?

  7. The so- called moderator did one hell of a jumbled jobb! He is scared of the zionist hounddog Dershowitz.
    Susan outshined & outwitted them both

  8. Alan Dershowitz, one of the primary American defenders of Zionist terror, reveals himself to be nothing but a rude and arrogant liar.
    As a Jew, whose relative participated in the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians in 1948 and as one who has read much of the history of the Jewish state, its beginnings and its present racist state, I find that listening to Dershowitz makes my skin crawl.
    The smirk on his face from the very beginning, his usage of the words “screed” and “this woman” betray Dershowitz’s total lack of humanity.

  9. Among the references in Ms Abulhawa’s great novel appears Norman Finkelstein’s “Image and Reality of the Israel-Palestine Conflict”, which describes the Arab tragedy in the Middle East in scrupulously, scientifically recorded details. Already this simple fact is bound to trigger prof. Dershowitz’ foolish rage. Please refer to dr Finkelstein’s “Beyond Chutzpah”, in which he exposes prof. Dershowitz’ machinations in full.

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